With so many pregnancy questions, you may want a direct line to your doctor so you can ring in anytime! Here's how to get advice between checkups.

Q. How can I get my questions answered between office visits?

A. There are many pregnancy books, online resources, classes, and support groups for expectant mothers, but your pregnancy is unique. If you don't find a satisfactory answer on your own, call your practitioner's office. If your provider isn't available, speak to the person answering the phone and ask to talk with one of the nurses or midwives in the office. They're often more available to return calls, and they can set your mind at ease about most medical problems or contact the physician if they think your question warrants another opinion.

Try this resource:

International Childbirth Education Association 

1500 Sunday Drive, Suite 102 

Raleigh, NC 27607 


E-mail: info@icea.org 

Website: icea.org

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