Baby Size by Week According to Millennials, Not Fruit

If you’re totally bored by the week-by-week baby size comparisons to fruit and vegetables you see everywhere else, we got you. Here are your 40 weeks of totally-relatable baby comparisons that will give you #pregnancygoals.

Baby at 4 Weeks

Your Baby is the Size Of a Spec of Glitter

A lot of women don't discover they're pregnant until around six weeks (unless you're tracking your cycle with an app—then go you, girl!), so it's pretty plausible that you're still going out as normal with friends at four weeks—blissfully ignorant of your big news. If you wake up the next morning with a spec of glitter leftover from last night’s eye shadow, don't just wash it away. Why? That's about the size of your tiny, tiny embryo at week four. For reference that's 0.014 to 0.04 inches in length and not quite 0.04 ounces. And wow, the best part? The pregnancy party's just getting started.

Baby at 5 Weeks

Your Baby is the Size of the Heart Button On Instagram

While it might feel too soon to announce your pregnancy to the masses (most prefer to wait until further into your first trimester), you may be daydreaming about the huge collection of 'likes' you're going to create when your friend-and-family fan-base knows about your big news. While you're strolling through Instagram (shamelessly looking at baby shower ideas, strollers and tiny baby clothing), take a moment to admire that heart-shaped like in the corner. Because mama-in-the-making, that's how big your babe is at five weeks, with actual specs at 0.05 inches and 0.04 ounces. Coincidentally, this is also when your baby's brain, spinal cord, blood vessels and actually heart are starting to develop! 

Baby at 6 Weeks

Your Baby is the Size of a Hashtag

While the only type of social media you’ve considered posting lately is #MorningSicknessLastsAllDay, that baby you’re growing is already becoming social-media-savvy. Though it might be a while before he steals your iPad or schools you on the latest app that all the toddlers are babbling about, right now, he’s the size of the hashtag you type on your phone. That means he’s ⅛ of an inch long and about 0.04 ounces. If you want to tell him about what’s trending on Twitter, go ahead, his ear canals are forming now and his heart is pumping blood and beating at about 80 times a minute. 

Baby at 7 Weeks

Your Baby is the Size of the Tip Of Your Eyeliner Brush

Yeah Mama, you did wake up like that: feeling a little nauseous and a little amazed by the size of your gals (did you know some women can go up a full cup size by week seven?! But as you go through your morning routine before heading to work in your comfiest clothes, glance at your eyeliner brush. That tip at the end (that you dip into your go-to shadow shade) is how big your growing girl is right now. At half an inch and 0.04 ounces, she’s developing the start of her arms, legs, face, kidneys, mouth and tongue. 

Baby at 8 Weeks

Your Baby is the Size Of an iPhone App Icon

We know your style, Mama-to-Be: you’re the first to research the best pregnancy apps that all the celebs are using to track their babe. And you probably just *had* to add Pinterest and Houzz back to your most frequented apps because, hey, planning for baby’s wardrobe and nursery is the only thing that takes your mind off morning sickness. Next time you open up Instagram, check out the size of the app icon: that’s the size of your baby this week! At 0.63 inches and 0.04 ounces, you probably wish you could use your camera app to snap a photo of your growing embryo, which now is starting to develop an upper lip, hands, feet, nose and eyelids! Her duck face will make its debut soon enough.

Baby at 9 Weeks

Your Baby is the Size of a Sushi Roll

It’s one of those sad, harsh truths about being a pregnant lady: no raw fish for you! Though you can technically eat a roll if it’s veggie or fully-cooked (hello, California roll)—many mamas-to-be tend to take a bit of a break from their fave Japanese takeout for a few months. But if your hubs is over there chowing down, go ahead and admire his dinner: one piece of that sushi roll is about the size of your baby, at 0.90 inch and 0.07 ounces. You can now likely hear baby’s heartbeat at your next ultrasound—#AboutFreakinTime!

Baby at 10 Weeks

Your Baby is the Size of a Mini Cocktail Sausage

Hey, if you’re feeling a little bloated (and noticing your veins are starting to show as you stretch out more), you may feel a little less sexy-mama-to-be and more, um, sausage-y. It’s normal to feel tired and to take time getting used to your changing body, but the next time you compare yourself to specials at your local butcher, consider this: at 10 weeks, your baby is the size of a mini cocktail sausage (ya know, the ones you get on a toothpick at parties?). He’s also starting to develop his bonescartilage and tooth buds as he continues to gain weight and grow, at 1.22 inches and 0.14 ounces. He also develops his neck, eyelids begin to close to protect his developing eyes and his head becomes rounder. 

Baby at 11 Weeks

Your Baby is the Size of a Ping Pong Ball

Gone are those late 3 a.m. nights at your local watering hole, playing beer pong with your then-boyfriend, now-husband until it was time for last call. (These days you’re, cough, lucky to make it through an episode of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix before passing out.) Even if you’re not getting boozy like you did in college, you might be experiencing more gas and feeling the bloat, without the brewskies. But all those bodily changes are for good reason: baby is growing fast! At 1.61 inches and 0.25 ounces, she’s about the size of a ping-pong ball and can make facial expressions and smile. She’s starting to kick but you won’t feel it yet, and while sexual organs are forming, they won’t yet be distinguishable by ultrasound.

Baby at 12 Weeks

Your Baby is the Size of a Jelly Donut Hole

You’re getting really close to the end of your first trimester (cue the praise hands emoji!), and that means your bod is making moves, with your uterus moving up and out of the pelvis, settling in just above the pubic bone. From here the uterus will continue to expand into the abdomen. While this helps with those frequent bathroom trips in the middle of meetings during the day, it also may make you feel a little dizzy. And though it technically won’t cure it, we suggest eating something sweet to up your blood sugar…like a donut. Or more specifically: a jelly donut hole. Why? Because at 12 weeks, that’s the size of your little baby baking at 2.13 inches and 0.49 ounces. He may want one of those treats, too, since now his digestive system is starting to develop.

Baby at 13 Weeks

Your Baby is the Size of a Mini Cactus

Congrats, it’s the last week of your first trimester. Woohoo! To celebrate, give that mothering gene some practice by picking up another plant for your desk (or windowsill at home). Plants have been known to brighten your mood and produce more oxygen, both things you can always use more of. Make sure to grab a mini cactus as a tribute to baby’s size, which is now around 2.91 inches and 0.81 ounces. Ask Baby what you should call your new plant friend, since this week, her vocal chords are developing and she might just answer (OK, she won't, but you can pretend!). 

Baby at 14 Weeks

Your Baby is the Size of Bicycle Bell

You’re in your second trimester now and that means your babe is about to take off on a growth spurt and you’re about to feel a lot better than you did in the first third of your pregnancy. You might even feel up to taking some bicycle laps around your local park or neighborhood with your hubby or bestie—and we totally approve of a ‘Baby On Board’ sign for the front of your basket. You might not need a bell, depending on where you live, but if you have one, admire it: that’s the size of your little one this week. At 3.42 inches and 1.52 ounces, Baby can stand upright and is starting to sprout hair.

Baby at 15 Weeks

Your Baby is the Size of a Mixed Tape

When you told your mom you were expecting, she may have offered you one of her old cassette tapes that she listened to when she was expecting you. Blame your pregnancy hormones (or how your love for your mom grows when you figure out you’re going to become one, too)—but you smiled and took it. While you likely need to go to your local vintage or thrift store to find a cassette player, think about your prized Backstreet Boys tape back in the day: that’s the size of your baby right now! She’s about 3.98 inches and 2.47 ounces, and growing more each day. And even better? She’s getting closer to her Nirvana record cover appearance because she’s looking more like a baby these days.

Baby at 16 Weeks

Your Baby is the Size of an Éclair

First it was cupcakes, then specialty donuts and then sundaes so massive you didn't know how you’d make it through scoop one. Decadent food trends will always evolve (can you even imagine what Baby will Instagram one day?), fulfill your craving for something super-sweet as a tribute to his size: an éclair! No prob if you can’t finish it, but while your eyes may be bigger than your stomach sometimes, Baby’s 4.57 inches and 3.53 ounces this week have helped him gain use of his eyes! Don’t forget to tell him all about your trip to the bakery (and how many likes you got from posting it on Instagram), because he can also hear you now—and make sucking motions with his mouth!

Baby at 17 Weeks

Your Baby is the Size of a Cute Vintage Wallet

You’re inching closer to that halfway pregnancy mark and your oh-my-god-how-are-we-going-to-afford-this freak-outs might have begun. As you start to plan your budget with baby in mind, consider your prized vintage wallet you bought while backpacking in Europe. That’s about how big baby is right now, at 5.12 inches and 4.94 ounces. Go ahead and daydream about showing her the world, especially since those fingerprints are forming, meaning she can get a passport as soon as she’s born! 

Baby at 18 Weeks

Your Baby is the Size of a Side of Guac

Let’s get one thing clear: while you’re not technically ‘eating for two’ as the old adage says, we are firm believers in giving your body (and your baby!) what it wants. And if hubs’s preference for Mexican is just making you crave tequila, entice him to drink that entire pitcher of margaritas in your honor (since you can’t) while you devour a side (or three) of guac. Baby’s about the size of your fave side dish, at 5.59 inches and 6.70 ounces. Just don’t stay out too late, since baby is learning to yawn now—it's tiring work developing his senses! 

Baby at 19 Weeks

Your Baby is the Size of a Pint of Ice Cream

While every mama-in-the-making is different, you might start to feel baby’s first kicks (that frankly, might feel a lot like gas and a little like butterflies) in the coming weeks. Why? Baby is starting to get a little more coordinated as he grows inside of you, and these days, he’s around 6.02 inches and 8.47 ounces. That’s about the size of that pint of Ben & Jerry’s that you down every other night because, #YOLO. (Though technically, you may be pregnant again, so save some of it for the next go-round.)

Baby at 20 Weeks

Your Baby is the Size Of A Girl’s Top Bun

You’re already halfway through your pregnancy, and thankfully, you probably actually feel preggers now (and not just, um, bloated from eating one too many burritos). Your belly has likely popped a bit, you’re showing and you might be reaping the benefits of some shinier, faster-growing nails and hair. But if those silky locks are growing too quickly for you to keep up with styling (ugh, straightening takes forever, especially with a belly), throw it up in a top bun, that’s (surprise!) the size of your baby this week! That’s right, at 6.46 inches and 10.58 ounces, baby could fit on the top of your head. Grab your ponytail holder and schedule your next ultrasound since now, you can probably find out if you’re having a boy or a girl. 

Baby at 21 Weeks

Your Baby is the Size Of a Bottle of Sriracha

Craving noodles tonight? Or maybe something savory and sweet that definitely doesn’t go together, but your 10.51 inch and 12.70 ounces mini-me says it does? You might be craving random foods like crazy and you may even have a hankering for something spicy. Pick up a bottle of the cult favorite—Sriracha—to fulfill those Netflix binge munchies. Hold it close, since that’s baby’s size right now. Just hope your babe loves spice as much as you do, since this week, his developing taste buds may allow him to taste the heat, too!

Baby at 22 Weeks

Your Baby is the Size of a Kale Smoothie

If your daily morning walk or workout during pregnancy has gotten a little more difficult lately, take a peek down at those feet of yours. Well, at least while you can, that is—you’re about to hit the time when those Nike kicks won’t be visible past your belly anymore. Your feet might also be swelling as you pick your post-workout kale smoothie. But the good news about your health obsession? That smoothie can give you a glimpse into baby’s size right now: 10.94 inches and 15.17 ounces. When you think you can’t take another step, daydream about baby’s gorgeous face, which now, has eyelashes and eyebrows! 

Baby at 23 Weeks

Your Baby is the Size of a Burrito With the Works

As #awesome and #lifechanging as growing a tiny human is, these days, between swelling, fatigue, forgetfulness (that Google Calendar doesn’t always keep up its side of the bargain, eh?) and possible skin discoloration, you might miss your pre-pregnancy days a bit. To make yourself feel better (at least for a hot minute, Mama), devour a burrito with all of the works (that your heartburn can handle) in honor of baby’s big milestone: he weighs more than a pound! Yep, at 11.38 inches and 1.10 pounds, he’s packing on the totally-healthy (and yes, #awesome) weight. 

Baby at 24 Weeks

Your Baby is the Size of a French Press

Of all the things you have to give up when you’re pregnant (like white wine. Or red wine. Or any wine. Did we mention wine?!), one thing that luckily isn’t a no-no is coffee—in moderation. And with those sometimes-restless nights where no position feels like the right one, you’re thankful for that morning brew. Give that java an upgrade with a French press this week since that’s what size she is right now: 11.81 inches and 1.32 pounds. Another cool feature you can talk about over breakfast with the hubs? Imagining what her sweet face looks like, since now, it’s fully formed. 

Baby at 25 Weeks

Your Baby is the Size of Wide-Brimmed Fedora

As cute as your belly is (especially in those blue jean overalls that are making a comeback), it doesn’t always make up for how sore your back is from carrying that extra weight. Take a load off and head to a (booze-free) brunch with the girls where you can talk about all those TMI-girly things that hubs stomachs but doesn’t actually enjoy hearing. To pair with your trendy outfit, grab a wide-brimmed Fedora hat (meaning you totes don’t have to wash your hair!), which is about how big your babe is right now. At 12.50 inches and 1.46 pounds, his nostrils are now open.

Baby at 26 Weeks

Your Baby is the Size of a Bottle of Fancy French Soda

Oui, oui! Is that an outie belly button you see?! You’re about two thirds of the way through your pregnancy (woah, Mama!), and you might start noticing more stretch marks (damn) and more movement from babe (cool!). Though it’s not okay to have a glass of vino, you can toast to getting through a large part of your pregnancy with a bottle of some sparkling water or fancy French soda. As you cheers with your friend or partner, pay special attention to that bottle, since your baby is about that size right now: 14.02 inches and 1.68 pounds. Even cooler than that ice cold glass? Your baby’s eyes are starting to open now and the brain waves are starting to roll. 

Baby at 27 Weeks

Your Baby is the Size of a Terrarium

As you inch closer to that third trimester, you might feel that nesting mode coming in full force. Since your baby shower is probably happening soon and you’ve picked out swatches for the nursery, you might want to consider adding even more life to the room for the new life you’re bringing into the world. Baby is about the size of a terrarium, at 14.41 inches and 1.93 pounds, and we bet she’d like the greenery in her first-ever room. You could ask her if you want, since she can probably recognize your voice by now, too! Just don’t be disappointed if she responds with a hiccup. 

Baby at 28 Weeks

Your Baby is the Size of a Tagine

Time to post that #HomeStretch photo to Instagram and Facebook, Mama, you’re in the third trimester now. While it might feel like your belly grows faster than ever in the coming weeks, take a night out to celebrate how far you’ve come with some Moroccan food. Just don’t forget to tell the hubs (and your best friends and everyone you’re connected to virtually) that baby is about the size of that tagine on the table, at 14.80 inches and 2.22 pounds. We wouldn’t be surprised if baby starts thinking about her own first trip to North Africa now. 

Baby at 29 Weeks

Your Baby is the Size of a Giant Banana Split

You’ve long forgotten what your feet look like, but hey, that diner down the road knows you by name and there’s always a seat for you when you have an intense craving that just has to be filled right now. This week, opt for a giant banana split with all the fixings, which depending on the size of that potassium all-star, is the same size of your baby right now. At 15.2 inches and 2.54 pounds, it’ll be a baby-screams, you-screams for ice cream kind of time. With a few extra kicks, since now, baby might be jamming your insides with his elbows and knees (and you’ll feel them, since Baby’s bones are fully developed, though still soft and pliable). And so it begins, Mama…

Baby at 30 Weeks

Your Baby is the Size of a Garden Gnome

If you decided to have your shower at your place, you might have asked your partner to update the landscaping before guests come. (Even if you can’t, um, upkeep your own landscaping these days—and hey, it's OK to have a wax if it matters to you.) While he’s pulling on the yard work gear and heading to the backyard, suggest he pick up a garden gnome for Baby, since that’s about how big she is these days. At 15.71 inches and 2.91 pounds, she’s continuing to grow, gain weight, develop blood cells and coolest of all, her brain is developing rapidly. 

Baby at 31 Weeks

Your Baby is the Size of a Large Movie Popcorn

Remember those insane videos about birth you had to watch in sex ed in high school? Or in college anatomy? We hate to break it to you, but they’re even scarier when you’re about to actually do that. But if you’re going to watch them, you might as well have reinforcements, or in other words, a large movie popcorn that’s about the size of your own little villain this week. At 16.18 inches and 3.31 pounds, Baby may take a snooze and suck his thumb while you tune into what’s happening in a few weeks. (And FYI, at the climax of the movie, it’s okay if you pee yourself. You’re having a baby. You have an excuse.)

Baby at 32 Weeks

Your Baby is the Size of a Bento Box

Meal prepping when you’re 32-weeks pregnant is about as laughable as those skinny jeans you wore pre-pregnancy. That’s why the invention of the bento box for lunch is not only a financial bargain but a top-pick for preggos. When you nosh on your third quirky lunch box this week, consider the size of it. Baby is about that big right now, at 16.69 inches and 3.75 pounds. He’s also practicing his sleep cycles, and your doctor may want to check which direction his head is pointed to prep for birth.

Baby at 33 Weeks

Your Baby is the Size of a Small Chihuahua

Your furbaby will always be your first baby, and while you might spend more time cuddling now than ever before, once your human arrives, your furry friend might not get as much attention. They’ll forgive you for it (probably) but just make sure to think about how big your pet is in comparison to how small baby is. Unless you have a small chihuahua, your cat or dog is probably bigger. This week, Baby is about 17.20 inches and 4.23 pounds, and her immune system is beginning to develop.

Baby at 34 Weeks

Your Baby is the Size Of Mid-Century Modern Hanging Lamp

Having a hard time coming by some shut-eye, mama? With a heavy belly, tired back and a body pillow that only helps you fall asleep a smidge of the time, you might be watching Netflix re-runs more often than you’d care to admit to your co-workers. If your few dreams are of mid-century modern homes worthy of Mad Men, think about the lamps you see hanging there. That’s about how big baby is this week at 17.72 inches and 4.73 pounds. And cool fact? Baby is now growing some fingernails! 

Baby at 35 Weeks

Your Baby is the Size of a Picnic Basket

It’s no picnic being pregnant at 35 weeks: you might be running to the ladies room every chance you get and sleep might be something of the past. But the good news? Baby is gaining weight fast and frequently, as she prepares for her grand entrance. While you clear through everything you own in total nesting mode (don’t forget to share that nursery on Instagram!), take a look at the picnic basket in the back of your closet, since that’s how big your babe is this week, at 18.19 inches and 5.25 pounds. 

Baby at 36 Weeks

Your Baby is the Size Of a Throw Pillow

If your BF thought throw pillows for you king-sized bed were unnecessary when you moved in together, chances are, he’ll also think they’re kind of silly for the rocker in your nursery. But hey, those Etsy finds were totally worth the two hour search when you couldn’t sleep at 3 a.m., thanks to your kicking baby, right? Throw the pillow his way as you tell him that’s the size of your babe this week at 18.66 inches and 5.78 pounds. Baby’s bones are continuing to strengthen now (and will get stronger during the first years of his life), and he’s getting more ready for his trip down the canal. Don’t be alarmed by those increasing Braxton Hicks contractions, which you may be experiencing from now until it’s time for the real deal.

Baby at 37 Weeks

Baby is the Size of a Lightweight Kettlebell

You can remember it right, Mama? Those Sundays when you’d wake up late, head to the gym for some cardio and weight training, then grab a boozy brunch with the girls before settling into bed with your main guy, relaxing until you had to survive another case of the Mondays? Your life is getting ready to change (in an awesome way, we promise!), but you might feel like that baby growing inside of you is getting heavier—say like a kettlebell?—by the day. You’re right, she’s about 19.13 inches and 6.30 pounds now, just like that kettlebell you used for arm reps pre-pregnancy. She might be working on her own exercise routine, with more kicks and movement as she preps for birth. Consider it her warm up.

Baby at 38 Weeks

Your Baby is the Size of a Toolbox

You’ve always been #independent and perhaps a little handy, stubbornly fixing everything in your apartment that you could before asking for help. These days though, it may pain you to ask for assistance for the littlest of things (like um, getting out of bed) from your partner. Just don’t forget that your body is prepping for the tools it needs for birth coming up soon, which is why it makes sense that your baby is about the size of a toolbox this week, at 19.61 inches and 6.80 pounds.

Baby at 39 Weeks

Your Baby is the Size of a Beach Ball

We know, we know, you’re ready to get this baby out of you… like now. You’re uncomfortable, you’re hormonal and the very thought of another week may make you want to go to bed, stat. Dream of a nice day on the beach (with a margarita or two in your hands) to get through these last two weeks, Mama. Especially since you feel like you have a beach ball in your belly, and you do, since that’s the size of your babe this week at 19.96 inches and 7.25 pounds.

Baby at 40 Weeks

Your Baby is the Size of a Gallon of Almond Milk

You made it! You grew a baby! Can you believe it? We know you can, since you’re feeling it and you’re more than ready for that babe to get out of your body already, please-and-thank-you. Enjoy some coffee (though still only a 12-ounce cup or less) before you might have to stop drinking or eating anything when you go into labor (depending on hospital policy), but don’t forget the almond milk. It’s a nice dairy-free alternative if regular milk gives you stomach issues, and a gallon of this healthy supplement is the size of your fully-grown newborn, at 20.16 to 21 inches and 7.63 to 9 pounds. Whoa, Mama. You’re a rock star!

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