The Inside Story: Your Baby in Week Nine

Find out what's happening with your growing baby's fetal development during her ninth week in utero.

Ultrasound Image - Prenatal Testing

You're already starting your 3rd month, and though you can't feel them yet, your baby is actually starting to make small movements. The baby's nerves and muscles are starting to be in good working order, and she can now bend her arms!

Your baby's rapid growth continues, but the furious rearrangement of cells has nearly stopped. Soon your baby will no longer need the yolk sac that once provided blood cells, because her bone marrow, liver, and spleen are starting to take on that task. In fact, almost all of the organs are beginning to function. Her liver is secreting bile, and her pancreas is producing insulin.

By now your baby's heartbeat is about 160-170 beats per minute. That's about as fast as the human heart rate ever gets! She's slightly over an inch long, and she will more than double in length before the end of this month.

If you could see your baby, you'd discover that her arms and legs have lengthened even more now, and her fingers and toes are better defined. You'd also see that her head is more rounded and more upright on her developing neck. The plates of her skull are forming. Her eyes are still on either side of her head, but they are starting to move forward as her head grows. The tip of her nose has formed, her ears are continuing to form, and she now has tubes leading from her throat to her lungs.

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