Parenting week 9

Pregnancy Week 9

As you begin your third month, your baby is beginning to move around. Find out how he's developing this week plus what to expect at your first OB exam.

week 9

How Big is Baby?

Your baby has graduated from embryo to fetus—and is now about the size of a cherry. The digestive tract and reproductive organs are formed, but it's still too early for even a skilled technician to tell whether you're having a boy or a girl.

Baby's Length: 0.09in.
Baby's Weight: 0.07oz.

Mom's Changing Body

As your blood volume continues to increase, you might feel the effects through dizziness and frequent urination, and you might see the effects in bulging veins on your hands and feet or from a nosebleed. But this extra blood is there for good reason—it'll help protect your baby when you stand up or lie down, and it safeguards against the blood loss you'll experience during labor and delivery. Speaking of blood, vaginal bleeding can occur in the first trimester and it isn't necessarily a cause for alarm, but it could be a sign of ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage, so you should always call your doctor right away if you experience bleeding.

week 9

Baby's Development

Even though you still have to wait another eight weeks to find out if your new addition will be a boy or a girl, this week, your baby gets the goods she'll need to, well, make her own baby one day. That's right—reproductive organs are beginning to form now, along with some other key organs, like the pancreas and gallbladder. At this point your baby has doubled in size and her head, which is about half the length of her entire body, is tucked down toward her chest. Her tiny fingers are growing longer, and the ends are slightly enlarged right now—this is where those unique fingerprints will ultimately form.

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Weekly Tip

Start thinking about what you would do if your doctor suggests any sort of genetic test like CVS or amnio. They can bring up a round of questions. First, of course, is whether the benefits of having the test outweigh the possible health risks. It may take a long talk with your doctor or genetic counselor and plenty of mental wrangling on your own to decide. Other things for you and your partner to consider: Would you end your pregnancy if you discovered that your baby had a serious birth defect? If not, would it help to have this information in advance so you can prepare for a child with special needs? Odds are you'll never need to act on the answers to these questions (90 to 95 percent of pregnancies result in the safe delivery of healthy babies), but you may decide you're better off being prepared than caught off guard.

Week 9
American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine -

Week 9 Ultrasound

The embryo appears at the bottom of the image with his head on the left. The arms and legs aren't seen from this angle, but the umbilical cord can be seen extending from the baby's abdomen on its way to the placenta. The sonographer has marked the embryo's crown-rump length (CRL), which will help to confirm or revise the due date estimated from the LMP. Amniotic fluid (the dark area) surrounds the developing baby.

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What Week 9 of Your Pregnancy Is Really Like

Pregnancy Confidential Podcast

OMG: I'm Pregnant!

In this episode we'll cover all you need to know about Week 9 of pregnancy. We're calling it the "Wait, I'm pregnant? I'm pregnant! Ohmigod I'm pregnant" period. This is the week when, whether you've known you're expecting since before you missed your period (thank you, First Response!), or just figured it out and are still in shock, it's beginning to feel REAL, people.

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This Week's To-Do List

  • Create a baby budget.
  • Make a pre-baby to-do list of all the things you want accomplish or enjoy before the baby arrives.
  • Look at your household cleaners and swap in eco-friendly ones for any toxic ones.
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  • Go for a walk, or do 30 minutes of another moderate exercise, and make it a part of your daily routine now.


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