Pregnancy week 35

Pregnancy Week 35

Find out how your baby is growing while you are 35 weeks pregnant, and learn how to relieve swelling and other aches and pains.

how big is baby week 35

How Big is Baby?

At 35 weeks, baby is the size of a honeydew melon. In preparation for birth, he is now upside down in your uterus.

Baby's Length: 18.19in.
Baby's Weight: 5.25lb.

Mom's Changing Body

Another labor signal to watch for is extra-thick vaginal discharge that's pink or even a bit blood-tinged. This is the start of your mucus plug dropping. The mucus plug is a ball of tissue that's been blocking your cervical opening during pregnancy to keep your uterus safe from germs. Losing your plug doesn't mean that labor's starting ASAP, though. Many women lose their plugs up to two weeks before labor officially begins.

baby development week 35

Baby's Development

Your baby should be positioned with his head facing down toward the cervix and vagina. About 97 percent of babies have adopted this position by this point; the rest remain in what's known as breech position—when the butt or feet are in place to come out first. If your baby's among this minority, it does increase your odds of needing a C-section, but there's a good chance your healthcare provider can correct the problem by turning him around manually with pressure applied on your belly. Called an external version, this process has about a 65 percent success rate.

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Weekly Tip

If you have a dog or cat, you'll need to help it adjust to the baby. You can try taking a new baby blanket to the hospital. Wrap your baby in it for a few hours so it has his scent. Then have your partner bring it home to let the dog get used to the baby's scent before you and Baby come home from the hospital. You'll also want to make sure your pets are up-to-date with vaccinations. And if your pet has picked up some bad habits, like biting or pouncing, use this time to break him of these habits before the baby arrives.

Week 35
American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine -

Week 35 Ultrasound

This closeup shot of your baby-to-be's ear shows how fully developed his facial features have become. He now looks like the newborn that you'll be welcoming into the world in a few weeks (only five more to go!). Your baby is also maturing on the inside, too. He continues to practice his breathing movements, which move amniotic fluid in and out of his lungs to aid in their development.

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What Week 35 of Your Pregnancy is Really Like

Pregnancy Confidential Podcast

A Sneak Peek at Your Future Sex Life

A couple of episodes ago, we talked the ins and outs of having sex when you're very pregnant, and reminded you that now is a good time to get in that nooky before a baby arrives—but as the big day approaches, you may be wondering what those bedroom antics will look like after you give birth. There's a lot to think about: Your recovery, the baby, the logistics, the lack of sleep, your body image... It's easy to get overwhelmed and worry that you'll be waving goodbye to your sex life. We're here to reassure you that while that's not true (think about how many mamas you see with two under two), things might change and shift a little, both physically and emotionally, and not always for the worst.

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This Week's To-Do List

  • Buy a baby book.

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  • If you plan to try breastfeeding, get the number of a recommended lactation consultant or join a local La Leche League International group.

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  • Review your baby registry to see what items you still need to purchase before baby's arrival.

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