Week 31 Ultrasound: What It Would Look Like

Find out what new things you might see on an ultrasound when you're 31 weeks pregnant. Plus, learn about the major reproductive developments at this stage.

Now that your unborn baby is fully formed and all of his major organ systems are functioning, most of his developmental milestones involve adding bulk. But his reproductive organs are also making some final adjustments before birth. His testicles are moving from the groin into the scrotum. For girls, the clitoris is now well-developed. You may have already learned whether you're having a boy or girl from your ultrasound examination around your 18th week of pregnancy. If you do receive a routine ultrasound in this trimester, you might be able to concentrate on some of the little details you might not have noticed before — or that might have developed since that exam.

If you have a chance to take a closer look at your baby's face during the ultrasound, watch for his eyes to open and shut. You might even spy eyelashes and eyebrows. More distinct facial features might be visible on a 3D image — you might see that your baby has your grandfather's nose or your husband's dimpled chin.

Along with his facial features, you might be surprised to see some of your baby's movements captured during the ultrasound. For example, your baby might be caught sucking on his thumb, sticking out his tongue, or even yawning. You might even be able to feel your baby kicking or battling the hiccups while you observe it on the ultrasound screen. The sonographer might point out these movements to you, but she'll also be taking note of your baby's overall well-being.

Terms to Know

Vertex position: In the weeks before birth, the typical position for your unborn baby is head facing down toward the pelvic bone, or the vertex position.

Important Information About Your Pregnancy

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