Pregnancy Week 21

Find out what's going on in your belly while you're 21 weeks pregnant, and discover why your sex life and relationship with your partner may be adjusting.

Week by week baby size image. Week by week baby size image.

How big is baby?

Your baby is as long as a carrot, and his skin now responds to touch. If you put pressure on your belly, he'll move away or push back.

Baby's Length: 10.51in.
Baby's Weight: 12.70oz.
Fetus at Week 21 What the baby looks like at week 21 of fetal development. Med ART Studios Explore More

Baby's Development

You're officially halfway through your pregnancy, and baby is halfway to his birth size, too — and growing fast. Part of his growth spurt at this point is likely because his stomach is now equipped to start absorbing energy-boosting nutrients from the amniotic fluid he's swallowing in there. Most of your baby's nourishment is still coming directly from the placenta, though.

Baby Week 21

At about 12 ounces the developing fetus closely resembles a miniature version of a fully developed person, but is still able to fit in the palm of your hand.To stay warm your developing fetus is developing body fat and a thin layer of hair called lanugo.Your developing fetus now often hiccups as a means to practice breathing and swallows amniotic fluid in order to practice eating.
Week by week baby ultrasound image. Week by week baby ultrasound image. American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine -

Week 21 Ultrasound

This profile image not only shows how your baby-to-be's bones and skeletal structures are forming, but also his lungs. Looking at his chest, the sonographer can identify the heart and lung tissue.

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Watch Baby's Growth

What Week 21 of Your Pregnancy is Really Like

Mom's changing body

When looking in the mirror these days, it might be hard to adjust to what you're seeing. But that's okay! Every woman has at least one of those "Oh, my gosh, what's happening to me?" moments during pregnancy. It's important to keep in mind that these nine months are a tiny little blip in the radar of your life, and you'll have your pre-baby body back (or at least something close to it) soon enough. In the meantime, appreciate your newfound voluptuousness. Show off your belly with a fitted T-shirt instead of hiding it under a tented top. And, hey, there's nothing wrong with flashing a little of that amazing new cleavage.

Weekly Tip

Feeling stressed? Be sure to take time to unwind, get enough sleep and fit regular exercise into your schedule now. Chronic high levels of stress and anxiety can have adverse effects on your pregnancy, including premature birthand low birth weight. Don't get too worried about worrying, though. Major life events such as a death in the family are more likely to have an impact on the baby than, say, getting stuck in traffic.

Pregnancy Confidential Podcast

The Weird and Unnecessary Advice You Get When Pregnant (And How to Totally Ignore It)

It's Week 21 of your pregnancy and you're finally getting the hang of this business of being with child. You might even have a good idea of what kind of parent you'll be (a good one, duh). But just as you start to gain some confidence as a mom-­to-­be, you're knocked down again by the lady in line at Subway who questions whether your choice of sandwich is appropriate for your condition. Congrats! You have a bump and it's officially open-­season for anyone and everyone to give you baseless, unsolicited advice and nosy questions. In this episode, we'll discuss the worst we've heard and how to deflect criticism with panache.

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