The Inside Story: Your Baby in Week Fourteen

Your baby is growing quickly these days! She even is beginning to grow hair, eyelashes and eyebrows.

Your baby is almost fully formed now. Although she weighs just under 2 ounces, that will change rapidly in the weeks ahead. She'll soon be much longer than her current 3 or 4 inches. She now has a recognizable neck, and her head sits up a bit from her chest. Because her head has grown, her eyes are closer together over the bridge of her nose.

As her arms and legs continue to lengthen, she'll put them to good use. Your baby might move hundreds of times a day in her secure, thick-walled bedroom. A fine, downy hair called lanugo is growing over her body to protect her skin; it will stay there until it starts to disappear a few weeks before her birth. Your baby is also developing hair on her head, as well as eyelashes and the first hint of eyebrows. Her eyes are still firmly shut, however, and won't open until approximately 23 weeks.

By now your baby is also starting to produce hormones on her own. Her thyroid gland has matured, and her reproductive organs have accelerated their development. Boys are developing their prostate glands by week 14, and if your baby is a girl, her ovaries have descended. Blood is forming in your baby's bone marrow, and her lungs are working away, preparing for that big day when she takes her first breath of fresh air.

    Originally published in You & Your Baby: Pregnancy.

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