Hilarious stories about what unborn babies are doing inside the womb.

By Sarah Jones

What fun antics did your baby perform in the womb?

"During my pregnancy, our cat would lie on my growing belly and purr herself to sleep while our baby kicked. When the cat felt a kick, he would tap my stomach with his tail and the baby would kick back. This would go on for minutes as I just lay there, amused."--Cora Needman, San Diego, CA

"Late in my pregnancy, I got pulled over for speeding. When the officer asked me why I was in such a rush, I instinctively put a hand on my belly and said 'I'm in a hurry to get to a doctor.' At the same time, our daughter did a full-body roll, distorting my entire abdomen. With huge eyes, the officer said, 'I'll give you a warning today, but be more careful in the future.' With that, he sprinted back to his police car where he animatedly told his partner the entire story. I laughed the whole way home."--Alicia Cate, Maypearl, TX

"Our 5-year-old's greatest joy came when he could actually see his unborn brother kick. From that day on he would put his Spider-Man action figures on my belly to watch his little brother kick them off."--Jamie Smith, Lynnwood, WA

"My husband loved reading to our unborn child. Late one night, before he began reading to her, he placed his face up against my belly and began shouting, 'Yoo-hoo... are you awake?!' Annoyed by the loud interruption, our daughter promptly kicked him in the nose."--Lisa Lucas, Lemoore, CA

"Seconds into our first ultrasound, our baby turned his tiny head toward us and raised his arm in a biceps curl. We knew then that there was no question -- this boy was his father's son!"--Tammy Wilson, Dacono, CO

"My husband and I chose not to find out the gender of our baby. One day my husband said to our little one, 'Kick once if you're a boy, twice if you're a girl.' Without delay, the baby gave two distinct kicks. That's all it took to convince us we were having a girl. Elated by the news of a daughter, we planned accordingly. Fortunately, our clever son loves his pink nursery."--Kristy Schmitt, Houston, TX

"At the first sonogram for our daughter, we were all amused by her hilarious habit of sticking out her tongue. When our technician attempted to take a photograph of her doing this, she pulled it back into her mouth. Three years later, she continues to keep us amused."--Laura Connolly-McKeon, Bronx, NY

"Two months before his birth, our son would get the hiccups every day. He would hiccup for about five minutes and then stop, and then I would immediately begin. My husband thought this was hilarious."--Marcia Weeks, Jacksonville, FL

Originally published in American Baby magazine.

American Baby


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