Feeling Baby Move: Weeks 18 to 21 of Pregnancy

You'll start feel your baby's fluttering movements (called quickening) between now and 22 weeks. Get ready, mama: Feeling him kick is one of the most magical parts of being pregnant.


-At 18 to 19 weeks, your baby is now about the size of a mango. Her bones are becoming harder. Over the couple of weeks, a fine layer of hair called lanugo covers her skin under the vernix, a white creamy substance that covers the skin of the fetus. The hair helps keep her warm until she develops an adequate layer of fat. Baby's tiny fingers now have unique fingerprints. She has more control over her movements and you might be able to feel her kick with legs that are now longer than her arms. She'll start giving you a low jabs at regular intervals which you might be able to feel especially if this is your second or third pregnancy. If you're a first time Mom, you might not notice the kick until you reached 22 weeks, you're halfway through your pregnancy when you pass your 20th week your baby is as big as a coconut. He may have thin eyebrows and a sprouting some hair on this head this week. Behind his eyelids, his eyeballs are rolling from side to side perhaps in response to your singing. His skin now response to touch and if you put pressure on your belly, he'll move away or push back. If you have an ultrasound this week, you can find out whether you're having a boy or a girl if your little one cooperates and faces the camera.

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