You probably won't need an ultrasound in your third trimester unless your doctor has a specific reason to want to check on your baby.

By Dr. Laura Riley

Q. Should I have an ultrasound in my 3rd trimester?

A. Ultrasounds during the 3rd trimester are not routinely done. However, some situations call for them: if your baby seems too big or too small, if the doctor is unsure whether your baby is breech, if your doctor is concerned that your placenta is too close to the cervix, or if your baby has a fetal malformation that requires evaluation before delivery.

If an ultrasound is performed to determine whether your baby is in the right position, it will likely be done during the 36th week. That way, if the ultrasound shows that your baby is breech, there is time to do a version (a procedure in which the baby is turned from feetfirst to head-first). If your pregnancy is complicated at all by health conditions like diabetes or hypertension, your practitioner may want you to have ultrasounds every 3-4 weeks to carefully monitor your baby's progress.

Originally published in You & Your Baby: Pregnancy.

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