Pregnancy Month by Month: Month 9

In month 9 of pregnancy, your baby is fully-grown and preparing for his big debut. Find out what to pack in your hospital bag as you prepare for labor and delivery.


[MUSIC] You probably cannot believe how big your bump is right now, and it might have changed shape. That's normal, because your baby's all grown and hopefully repositioning to prepare for birth. You might be feeling contractions already, and your breasts, yeah, they might be leaking a little bit as they prepare to become the best baby buffet in town. So, yeah, it might not really feel good, but it is all good, because it's what your body needs to do to prepare for baby's arrival. Of course, you're gonna want your iPod with your perfect birth mix, and some nice stuff like pretty jammies to wear for photos with baby and then for when visitors come to say hi, but don't forget the less glamorous, really practical stuff like adult diapers, flip flops for the shower, and your cellphone charger. You're gonna need some of those things more than you know. Have fun packing, and we'll see you in the delivery room. [MUSIC]

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