Pregnancy Month by Month: Month 8

Why are Baby's kicks not as strong as they used to be? Why can't I sleep at night? Watch this video to learn more about common symptoms of pregnancy during month 8.


Your baby is growing crazy rapidly this month and will probably be feeling a little bit crowded. Don't be surprised if those full blown kicks and punches you are feeling get a little bit powerful because there's not as much room to stretch out in there. Dosing off during the day, but can't sleep a wink at night. Believe it or not, a little mild exercise, as long as you get the green light from your doctor, can help you get a few more zs. A good white noise machine could help, too, and it will definitely come in handy later on in baby's nursery. Do not, I repeat do not listen too closely to anybody's nightmare labor and delivery story right now. Labor and delivery is so different for every single woman. And those moms who can't stop spreading their scary story, well they don't understand that. As long as you've got a good doctor who you trust and you've been reading up on the big day, you are doing an awesome job so try to keep your cool, and we'll see you next month. [MUSIC]

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