Pregnancy Month by Month: Month 7

Month 7 of pregnancy is all about nesting. Now that Baby's lungs are almost fully developed, the end is in sight. Still, those pregnancy aches may be nearly unbearable -- find out how to get relief.


[MUSIC] This month, your baby's lungs are so close to being perfect. And here she is taking practice breaths in that amniotic fluid. Hopefully you're taking a few calming, deep breaths too. Aches, pain, general fatigue got you down? Let your doctor know what's going on, but also know that most of this is totally normal at this stage of the game. Take some acetaminophen, whip up a seltzer and lime, or better yet have somebody else make you one, and indulge in a good old fashioned TV night at home. You deserve it. Stocking up on cleaning products, wanting to get all new furniture, and suddenly realizing that your house needs a complete remodel before the baby comes. Yeah, this is normal and it's called nesting. So go ahead and binge out on Pintrest, but don't beat yourself up if that wall stencil doesn't look quite as perfect as the picture you pinned. I have a feeling your baby's gonna love you anyway. So, relax, have a great month and we'll see you in a few weeks. [MUSIC]

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