Try these tips for regaining energy in your third trimester.


You're carrying around a noticeable amount of extra weight now, and you're waking more often at night because of your baby's cartwheels and your full-to-bursting bladder. That means you may be exhausted during the day--perhaps nearly as tired as you were during your 1st trimester--and you may feel that you're experiencing pregnancy wilt instead of pregnancy glow.

Combat 3rd-trimester fatigue by making yourself as comfortable as possible at night and resting more during the day. This will benefit your health and your baby's, especially if you work outside the home. Researchers have found that expectant working moms who report on-the-job stress and fatigue run a higher risk of having their amniotic sac or membranes break early.

To rest better during the 3rd trimester, lie on your side, bend your legs, and put a pillow between them. Put another pillow under your belly. You can also invest in full-length body pillows to support your body and ease stress on your back and breathing. During the day, nap at least 20 minutes every afternoon. If you can't find the time (or don't have the inclination) to actually sleep during daylight hours, take 5-minute breaks every hour to put your feet up and flip through a magazine. You can always catch up on work in the middle of the night when your baby is doing his gymnastics.

Originally published in You & Your Baby: Pregnancy.

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