Second Trimester Tests

Prenatal visits come with sonograms and other assorted tests. Here you'll learn about what to expect with tests and procedures in your second trimester of pregnancy.

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Late Miscarriage

Learn what symptoms of miscarriage to look for in your second trimester. Though late miscarriages are rare, they do happen.

The Latest on Genetic Testing

How much can you learn from prenatal genetic testing? We went to the experts to find out.

Do You Need Genetic Counseling?

Genetic testing can help prepare you for the possibility of raising a child who might need some extra care.

Treatment Options for Common Genetic Disorders

If prenatal testing has shown that your baby might be born with a genetic disorder, you'll want to know what your little one's options might be.

Glucose Tests During Pregnancy: What to Expect

Also called the gestational diabetes test, glucose screening is crucial to detecting the often-symptomless pregnancy complication. Learn what these painless tests are, and why it's important to have them done during your second trimester. 

More Second Trimester Tests

AFP Test Accuracy

Learn about the accuracy of the alpha-fetoprotein test.

Baby's Size and Weight

Dr. Elizabeth Pryor answers the question, Is my baby too large? Will I need a c-section?