Pregnancy Month by Month: Month 6

Baby's weight nearly doubles during month 6 of pregnancy! It may feel like you are packing on the pounds as well. Here's how to feel better and manage your pregnancy weight.


[MUSIC]. This month, your baby's eyes are about to open for the very first time. So, yeah, that's pretty cool. And your baby's weight is roughly doubling this month. Luckily, your weight is not increasing quite as rapidly. Speaking of extra weight, all those extra pounds you're putting on are also adding pressure to your feet. Which could lead to a condition called overpronation. That just means the bones in your foot have kind of flattened out, yeah, ouch! If you did not have a good excuse for a foot massage before, you've got one now. What's not weighing you down? Your sex drive, which is probably finally back at full force. And no contrary to popular belief, you're developing baby will not feel a thing if you and your partner go to town. So definitely get on that. We'll see you next month. [MUSIC]

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