Second Trimester To-Do List

To do:

Tell family and friends the news (if you haven't already)

Tell colleagues and bosses the news

For more on this, get our print-out guide to your workplace rights.

Buy or borrow maternity clothes. Don't forget to check out your favorite man's closet for big shirts and other goodies.

Decide about whether you want to find out your baby's gender during ultrasound or other prenatal diagnostic tests

Go for a romantic "last fling" vacation. And pack our guide to passionate pregnancy.

Write a will and choose a guardian. We've got tips for writing up a will.

Buy life and disability insurance. See our pointers on insurance.

Draw up a list of baby gear to buy or borrow. Check out our checklist of gear you really need.

Choose a childbirth class. See our checklist for finding the perfect birth class.

Consider hiring a doula. Our article Mother's Helpers might help you decide.

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