Second Trimester Health

Most pregnant women say the second trimester is the easiest. But there are still big changes taking place! Here you'll learn about your changing belly, your health, and your baby's growth and development during the second trimester.

Late Miscarriage

Learn what symptoms of miscarriage to look for in your second trimester. Though late miscarriages are rare, they do happen.

Pregnancy Month by Month: Month 6

Baby's weight nearly doubles during month 6 of pregnancy! It may feel like you are packing on the pounds as well. Here's how to feel better and manage your pregnancy weight.

Heartburn Causes and Cures

Find out how to tame heartburn for a more comfortable second trimester.

Pregnancy Month by Month: Month 5

During month 5 of pregnancy, you can finally opt to find out Baby's gender. Meanwhile, you may be having not-so-desirable pregnancy side effects. Here are some tips to dealing with your pregnant life.

Pregnancy Symptoms: How To Cope With Pregnancy Brain

Feeling forgetful? Dr. Obosa Osawe gets to the bottom of what's commonly called "pregnancy brain.

Fetal Development Weeks 14 Through 17

See what's happening with your baby in the fourth month of your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Month by Month: Month 4

Watch this video to learn what your baby is up to during month 4 of pregnancy and how to keep your social life active even with your growing bump.

Travel Safety in Mid-Pregnancy

Keep these sensible tips in mind when traveling during your second trimester.

Checklist: Pregnancy by the Numbers

Second Trimester To-Do List