Pregnancy Month by Month: Month 3

See what physical changes you can expect during month 3 of pregnancy--and how to break the big news to your boss.


[MUSIC] Your little one is about the size of a standard paper clip, has millions of cells already and is making the big transition from embryo to fetus this month. Wha, what. As for you, month three might be kind of rough. Barfing, not cute, but the great thing is, you're probably almost through with the worst of it. The end of this month, is the end of the first trimester and probably the end of you keeping the big baby news under wraps. Get creative telling your crew but, when it comes to telling your boss, call a proper meeting and get ready to bargain for all the maternity leave you can get. Enjoy spreading the news, and we'll see you next month. [MUSIC]

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