Pregnancy Month by Month: Month 2

Find out how big your munchkin is, how many calories you should be eating, and how to keep up your work and social life while pregnant in month 2.


[MUSIC]. Right now your baby is just about the size of a tiny grain of rice. At less than half an inch long, parts of its face is already forming. And that heart is already gong thumpa, thumpa. Speaking of what's in there, try to keep an eye on what you're taking in at meal time. Everybody says you're eating for two when you're pregnant, but the truth is you only need about 200 extra calories a day during the first two trimesters. That's like an apple with some peanut butter on it, not a whole bos of Entenmann's. Don't wanna spread the news just yet? Here are a few tips that can make that easier. Spanx or special maternity undies can help hide your mini bump and support your back. If you're feeling sick at the beginning of your work shift, blame it on bad clam dip. Trust me, no questions will be asked. And if you need an excuse to skip booze. Just say you're getting over a cold and don't want to mix alcohol with the meds. It's really that easy. So have a great month, and we'll see you in a few weeks. [MUSIC]

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