Checking off duties in your first trimester task list just got easier.


To do:

Choose a health practitioner (if you haven't yet). For more on this, go to our checklist on Finding an Ob/Gyn or Midwife.

Schedule your first prenatal visit

Schedule your first prenatal visit

Familiarize yourself with pregnancy dos and don'ts. See Is It Safe? for a list of common concerns.

Stock your kitchen with healthy foods. Need ideas? Check out our recipes for healthy snacks.

Drink more fluids

Check out prenatal exercise classes in your area. Moderate exercise is a great energy booster -- but first read our tips on work-out safety.

Explore maternity leave options at work. Get to know your workplace rights during and after pregnancy with our print-out guide

Set a maternity and baby budget. For tips, check out our article Budget for Baby.

Learn about your health insurance's maternity coverage. See our pointers on insurance.

Decide on a hospital, birthing center, or home birth. How to decide? Check out our Birth Plans and Options Checklist.

Make time for naps when possible, and try to get to bed early!

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