Don't worry -- you can never ask your doc too many questions, especially when it comes to prenatal tests that may affect your health or your baby's. Use these common preggo concerns as guidelines to get started.

You probably won't need to ask many questions about routine procedures such as blood and urine tests. But for screenings such as ultrasound -- and especially for diagnostic tests such as amniocentesis -- you'll want to ensure that the benefits outweigh any possible risks.

Print this list of questions you may want to ask when your doctor says you need a prenatal test:

____ Why do I need this?

____ Are there any alternative procedures I should consider?

____ What happens during the test? Will it hurt?

____ Are there any risks for me or for the baby?

____ How experienced is the person performing the test? (Mainly for more invasive genetic tests.)

____ How accurate is it?

____ How will I find out the results? Will you call me?

____ How could the results affect my pregnancy?

____ What are the possible consequences if I don't get this?

____ Is the test covered by my insurance? If not, how much will it cost?

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