Are You Pregnant? How to Know for Sure

Not sure you can trust that at-home pregnancy test? Dr. Obosa Osawe tells you how to know with 100% accuracy that you are pregnant.


Are you pregnant? The answers to that question could change your life so you do wanna know for sure. I am Dr. Obosa Osawe. Here is how to find out if you have a baby on the way. Many women start with a home pregnancy test but these results are not always 100 percent accurate. If you are not very long in your pregnancy, a home pregnancy test may come back falsely negative. The reason, all pregnancy tests detect the woman's level of pregnancy hormone known as hCG but the home pregnancy test can only detect hCG once it's built up in your system. To detect hCG at the lowest levels, you need to take a blood test. If the hormone is there, it will show up in your blood work. You can go to your primary care doctor, your neighborhood clinic or Planned Parenthood for a blood test. Once your blood tests positive for pregnancy hormone, you are pregnant. Congratulations. Make an appointment to see your doctor for prenatal care around eight weeks into your pregnancy.

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