Who says you have to take a pregnancy test in the comfort of your own home? We asked our editors and readers to weigh in on the wacky places they were when they found out they were pregnant. 

Not too long ago, Jamie Lynn Spears, child star and sis of Britney, made headlines when she revealed on the TLC show Jamie Lynn Spears: When the Lights Go Out, that she first found out she was pregnant in a gas station bathroom. "We didn't want to do it at home," she said, "so I went in the BP and I took a pregnancy test."

While we can think of plenty of more appealing places to get the pregnant or not-pregnant news, Spears is hardly the only mom-to-be who has busted out a pregnancy test somewhere other than the comfort and privacy of her own home. Kim Kardashian took to Snapchat to share her recent (negative) pregnancy test results—all taken in an airplane bathroom. (We're assuming it was a private jet, but still...) And of course, non-celebs get in on the act, too: We asked our editors, writers, and readers to share their own crazy stories of where they were when they found out they were pregnant—and just how many tests it actually took to convince them the result was real!

“The strangest place I ever took a pregnancy test was at work. I stopped at a drugstore on the way in, I took the test right away and it was positive.” — Elizabeth Anne Shaw, Editor-in-Chief, FamilyFun

"I took eight pregnancy tests the first time (yes, eight...I was in denial), and some of them were in Target. And while this isn't a crazy place, I've also taken tests in front of all five members of my family—just standing there watching me pee on a stick." — Melissa Willets, Contributing Writer 

"With my first, it was in a Victoria Secret's bathroom in Herald Square—at the time I worked near there. With my second, I found out at the Landmarc Restaurant in the Time Warner building; I'd left my midwife's office after trying to figure out why my breastmilk supply for my older son had stopped abruptly. She called me saying that pregnancy was a possibility and I needed to check it out. And with my third (eta: this Christmas), I was at the Queens Center mall...I just knew something wasn't right and needed to know ASAP." — Wendy Sanchez-Vaynshteyn

“Maybe the most glamorous place I took it was an Airbnb in Mexico. We’re trying to have a romantic getaway and I’m just there in the bathroom juggling urine samples.” — Julia Dennison, Managing Editor, Parents Digital Network

"I took one while traveling in Germany for work, so I guess the readout must have said something like "nicht schwanger.” I remember the “nicht” in there for sure… it seemed very severe!" — Alesandra Dubin

"I think I took 20 the first time. We were in a hotel room in South Beach and I went to the drugstore and bought two of every brand. I kept taking them for three days!" —Hollee Actman Becker, Contributing Writer