Pregnancy Testing

Urine and blood are the two main types of pregnancy tests. Here you'll learn about both. We'll tell you how accurate home pregnancy tests are; explain how to use them, and what the results indicate. We'll also tell you how early you can find out if you're pregnant, and more.

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Gamer Hacks Pregnancy Test to Play a Game of Doom Right on the Screen

Just when we thought digital pregnancy tests were as game-changing as it gets, someone figured out how to run the classic game on the result screen.

Homemade Pregnancy Tests Don't Work, According to Experts

Homemade pregnancy tests with salt, vinegar, bleach, and toothpaste may be cheap and fun to try, but experts explain why taking one could cause trouble.

The Psychology Behind Pregnancy Test Addiction

Expectant moms are taking dozens of pregnancy tests after doctors already confirmed their pregnancies. They call themselves POAS addicts (that stands for "pee on a stick").  Some say this compulsive testing is emotionally reassuring, but doctors say it can actually add stress for many moms-to-be.

Do Bleach Pregnancy Tests Work?

The DIY pregnancy detector offers fast and easy results, but it may not be as reliable—or as safe—as traditional over-the-counter tests. 

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How to Take a Target Pregnancy Test

Nervous about taking the test? Not sure how to read it? Follow this step-by-step guide.