Your Pregnancy: 5 Early Pregnancy Symptoms Most Women Deal With

What are the five most common early pregnancy symptoms? Dr. Obosa Osawe's here to explain.


Pregnancy symptoms vary greatly so don't worry if you're experience is different from another woman's. I am Dr. Obasa Osawe. Here are five common symptoms you might experience in the first trimester. The first is fatigue. Many women feel incredibly tired as their bodies adjust to carrying a baby. The best treatment for this is rest. Another is vomiting, you may throw up out of the blue or feel nauseated, sensitivity to certain foods or specific smells is also very common and that is normal. Speaking of your stomach, gas is a big one on the list. Lots of women feel very gassy early on in pregnancy. You may experience some tenderness in your breast, a big boost in pregnancy size is also very common. That's a very good reason to get some cute new bras. Finally, some women have bleeding gums or tenderness in their mouth. Follow up with your dentist to make sure that this is normal. These reactions could continue throughout pregnancy. However if you experience some vaginal bleeding, cramping, pain, severe headaches or fluid leaking from your vagina, I would recommend that you consult your doctor.

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