Pregnancy Symptoms: How To Cope With Pregnancy Brain

Feeling forgetful? Dr. Obosa Osawe gets to the bottom of what's commonly called "pregnancy brain.


Many of my pregnant patient's report forgetting things day-to-day. This is totally normal. I'm Dr. Obosa Osawe here is what you need to know about coping with the mental effects of pregnancy. Forgetfulness is incredibly common among pregnant woman. There is no clinical evidence that pregnancy causes forgetfulness but I experienced so called pregnancy brain myself when I was pregnant with my now three-year-old son. The doctors in my practice and I speculate that this might happen because the placenta directs blood flow away from a woman's brain to her uterus. It helps to surround yourself with a support system to help you deal with your average changing state of mind, reaching out no matter what reason is always healthy. For now, it's best to write down important things especially questions you have for your doctor and always bring that list to your appointment.

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