8 People Who Will Definitely Guess You're Pregnant Before You Tell Them

Your early signs of pregnancy will tip off these people to your good news—maybe before you're even ready to share it!

No matter how sly you may try to be about hiding your early pregnancy, take it from us: there are always (always!) going to be people who know before you officially break the big news. And in certain cases some of these people may figure out you're expecting even before you know yourself!

Your Partner

Even if you're waiting for an ob-gyn's confirmation before you congratulate the baby daddy, your partner may notice a few new telltale quirks about you. As pregnancy hormones spike and blood flow increases, so could your libido. And your boobs will be getting bigger. Trust us: this won't go unnoticed.

Your Boss

First trimester morning sickness will slow you down. So will fatigue. If these two things consipre to make you late to work on a semi-regular basis when you used to be prompt, chances are your boss is going to suspect what's up. Or maybe she looked at the statistical probabilty of you becoming a mom. And even if you manage to get to your desk on time each day, darting to the bathroom with your hand over your mouth might just give you away.

Your BFFs

Girls' night gets a plot twist when you're pregnant, even if you're well past the let's-all-do-Jello-shots phase of going out on the town. Whether you're just following the CDC's new guidelines that you abstain while TTC or are knowingly avoiding alcohol to protect the bun in your oven, your new identity as a teetotaler will be noticed by your BFFs. When everyone else is ordering Chardonnay, your ginger ale will inspire at least one of those women to start planning your baby shower in her head.

Your Dentist

Mucous membranes often get swollen during pregnancy, which is why your dentist or dental hygienist may take one look at your bleeding gums and then glance at your belly. (Swollen membranes also explain why you just got your first nosebleed since kindergarten.)

Your Coworker Who Sits Near the Bathroom

Your body is making extra fluids, and your bladder is starting to get pushed aside to make room for your ever-growing uterus. Of course your friend who sits near the bathroom makes note of you jogging by her desk 10 times a day.

Any Woman Who Has Ever Been Pregnant

You may think you're being sly with your excuses and explanations, but don't pat yourself on the back just yet. After hearing them a few times, another Mom will see right through your "I just have a cold/I'm pooped from a long week at work/I feel like being a homebody tonight" stories. Nice try, though!

Some Rando on Reddit

Did you know a woman's heart rate increases about 10 to 20 beats per minute during pregnancy? One savvy Internet commenter did. When Reddit user YoungPTone posted a question on the site about why his wife's Fitbit was recording some weirdly high heart rate activity, one stranger offered up the idea that she was pregnant. Turns out, yep! YoungPTone is going to be a daddy! Crowdsourcing for the win.

Your Pet

Of course they're not people (technically), but your feline or canine companions are especially equipped to sense things like this. Hormonal changes during pregnancy may make you smell differently, or they may just innately sense your partner is treating your differently or that your own behavior is different. Dogs and cats sometimes may start acting more protective or loving as a result. Plus, kitty may notice there's just a little less room to curl up on your lap. Luckily, your furry friend can't talk, so she won't let the, um, cat out of the bag.

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