Cute Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Baby #2 (Or #3 or #4)

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Just because you've already had one (or more!) babies doesn't mean your latest addition shouldn't get a special announcement. Check out these cute ways big families announced they were getting even bigger.

Comic Relief

Wanting to use their two sons to share the news about the new baby on the way, dad Nathan and his wife set up the boys on the couch wearing "big brother" shirts for a simple photo shoot. "Ideas with kids and cameras are rarely that simple," Nathan says of this announcement that he submitted to's America's Best Pregnancy Announcement Contest. "We started handing toys—two of which are old flip phones—to the boys to keep them seated and happy. I just started shooting expressions and hoped for the best. Once I downloaded the photos it started coming together: a comic strip of a big brother explaining what a big brother shirt means." Genius!

Down for the Count

When your family is already approaching full minivan capacity, a good sense of humor is crucial. "Expecting baby #5, we figured we'd do something funny," says mom Heather of this announcement, which was a finalist in's America's Best Pregnancy Announcement Contest. "Our photographer sent us this idea and we jumped on it."

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Training Day

Little girls wearing mommy's heels are always adorable, and mom Eri used the gimmick to help her eldest channel a prim schoolmarm. "We ha[d] number three coming, due on 10-1-2015, hence the Big Sister Training 101 class of 2015 on the chalkboard," she says of this announcement, which she submitted to's America's Best Pregnancy Announcement Contest, featuring her younger daughter getting schooled by the eldest.

Breaking the Tie

Once there are more kids than parents, who really has the power? "We decided to announce our third child, poking fun at the reality that we are in way over our heads!" says mom Veronica of this announcement with her son and daughter showing just who's boss.

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    Stuck in the Middle With You

    The importance of birth order is debated, but when a family grows from three to four kids, one "team" doubles. "We added another 'middle' child to our family!" says mom Cecilia, who submitted this announcement featuring her three eldest and her baby bump touting their new titles to's America's Best Pregnancy Announcement Contest.

    Cut It Out

    Family planning doesn't always go, as, um, planned. "We were blown away to find out we were expecting baby #3 after deciding it made more sense to stop with the two sweet, active little boys we had. Did I mention active?" says mom Julie, who submitted this pic to's America's Best Pregnancy Announcement Contest. "So, we then thought it would be fun to show our surprise and intention of getting my husband 'snipped' in our announcement photo. Our family and friends loved it." Baby #4 was a girl, by the way, much to Julie's delight!

    Taking Turns

    Little sissies always look up to their bigs, so how cool to find out you're getting promoted to their job?! "When we told our three daughters that baby #4 is on the way, they were SO excited that my youngest would be a big sister, too!" says mom Tara, who submitted this collage to Parents.

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    Andrea and Chad Chapman/YouTube
    Andrea and Chad Chapman/YouTube

    Tenacious B(ump)

    With twin girls and a son, when Andrea Chapman and husband Chad got pregnant with their fourth child, they went all out with a hilarious music video parody pregnancy announcement called "We Can't Stop ... Having Babies" set to the Miley Cyrus tune.

    "Nobody was excited. I think we went past what everyone's idea for our family was," she told "For some reason, four is like this odd number in our culture today and it's not celebrated the same way." In the video, the frazzled parents embrace the chaos and Andrea, who is actually singing, reminds people that having a large family is her choice in the modified lyrics: "It's my body, I can grow who I want to."

    Jenny Studios
    Jenny Studios

    Neat as a Pin

    When mom and professional photographer Jenny of Jenny Studios found out she was pregnant with baby #5, she used her skills to take a simple-yet-stunning pregnancy announcement photo featuring safety pins on a rustic wooden backdrop. "The inspiration for this announcement came because I wanted something simple," Jenny says. "Having a baby is always exciting and deserves special attention, no matter what number. But as a mother of five I have learned to simplify."

    Ashley Jennings Photo
    Ashley Jennings Photo

    One More Monkey (Eating on the Bed)

    With three little kids in the house already, life is pretty much chaos, so what's one more? That's exactly the sentiment of this funny pregnancy announcement from Ashley Jennings Photography that shows mom and dad just going with the flow as everyone eats pretzels and cereal on their bed. Mom's even chowing down on a gallon of ice cream to satisfy her pregnancy cravings. Dad, meanwhile, is one smart cookie and is wisely getting caffeinated.

    Live and Learn
    Live and Learn

    Step Right Up

    With three towheaded daughters as evenly spaced in age as a staircase's steps, Christy of Live and Learn made use of her home's architecture to announce that another kiddo is getting ready to step up. Painted numbers set on the steps next to each girl count up to #4, where her (or his!) seat awaits.

    Brenda Bird Designs
    Brenda Bird Designs

    That's My Story

    Graphic designer and mom-of-three Brenda of Brenda Bird Designs spent some time dreaming up creative pregnancy announcements for baby #4 because this might be the final addition to their family. "Pregnancy announcements—or multiple pregnancies—can seem trite for those that aren't involved but I believe that every child, whether it is #1 or #11, should be celebrated!" Brenda says. "My husband and I both were bookworms growing up and have passed that on to our children. We sit and read as a family and not just at bedtime," Brenda says of what inspired this photo shoot. "We thought it would be fun to incorporate our family's love of books in welcoming a new member of it." Brenda got each kid a book that represents their personality and set up this themed group portrait on mom and dad's bed. The Wizard of Oz is ready for baby #4!

    Five in Tow
    Five in Tow

    Room for More

    After three single pregnancies and one twin pregnancy, mom of five Kristen of Five in Tow decided there was room in her heart and home for one more. Having lived in developing countries and worked with orphans, the Army wife always wanted to adopt children in need. The family decided to begin the process to foster-adopt and announced this unique form of "expecting" with a photo shoot of the five kiddos with an empty chair just waiting to welcome a new sibling.

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    Perks of Being a Housewife
    Perks of Being a Housewife

    Team Effort

    The Hueckman family has made its latest draft pick! "People always comment when they see our family of four that we almost have a basketball team or that we are halfway to a baseball team," says mom Mal, who writes the Perks of Being a Housewife blog with her sister Emma. "When I found out we were expecting #5, I knew my husband would appreciate the commencement of our 'A-Squad.' It was fun to use it as our theme for our pregnancy announcement and, honestly, this time was just as exciting as the first time announcing!"

    Lisa Tichane/Tout Petit Pixel
    Lisa Tichane/Tout Petit Pixel

    Belly Up

    Sometimes the perfect photo to celebrate a pregnancy announcement happens without planning. "I knew that Celia's big family would be a fabulous source of happy moments and interaction," says photographer Lisa Tichane of Tout Petit Pixel. "During the session, her littlest boy was touching Mom's belly and he naturally pulled his t-shirt up to check his own belly, as if comparing their sizes. I found it so cute that I suggested the whole family could do the same, and they were game for it!"

    "We wanted pictures we could hang on our house's walls, like pieces of art," says mom Celia. "Something that would emphasize our family spirit, in a joyful way. Four years later we still adore this shoot of our completed family in its earliest stage because love, life, children, family, light and fun are the most important things under our roof."

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