Time to share the good news with your partner? Read this before you make the big announcement for solid pointers and helpful advice.

Should you surprise your partner with the news of your pregnancy over a romantic, candlelit dinner? Or should you do the home pregnancy test when your partner is with you? Only you know the best way to share your pregnancy news. In some couples, the woman determines whether she is pregnant and then shares the news with her partner. If your pregnancy was unplanned, how you make the announcement may depend on whether your partner will view the news as a wonderful surprise or a worrisome development.

Whatever your situation, understand that your partner may react differently from the way you might expect. Men don?t experience pregnancy the same way as women, and they may respond with less emotion than you might hope. Give your partner room to digest the news in the way that is best for him.

Originally published in You & Your Baby: Pregnancy.

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