11 Winning Sports-Themed Pregnancy Announcements

Check out how these football fans, baseball buffs, golf enthusiasts, and other sports junkies announced the news about future recruits to their teams.

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Batter on Deck

Jessica LoCicero Photography

For their third and final pregnancy, Jessica and Scott LoCicero really wanted to hit it out of the park when they made the announcment to their friends and family on Facebook. "As a family born and raised in the Sacramento area we take pride in our San Francisco Giants," Jessica said. "We have a lot of great memories attending games, so what better way to announce our team's newest addition than with a Giants-themed announcement? Our love for baseball and our family go hand and hand." The LoCiceros and their eldest kids Kylie and Peyton all dressed up in their Giants gear, with the girls wearing homemade matching tutus, so they could snap a few photos outside of AT&T Park before the game. Baby Madilynn, now 2, was born in December 2013. Siblings Peyton and Kylie are now 9 and 7.

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Field of Dreams

Aimee Wren

The Wren family's Player #3 can suit up as soon as he leaves the dugout! "My husband and I have always been very involved with sports and thought this was a perfect way to let the world know we are 'adding to our team' in May!" said mom-to-be Aimee Wren of Coal City, Illinois, who submitted this photo to Parents.com's America's Best Pregnancy Announcement Contest.

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Play Ball

Kimber Koerner

Just read between the laces to find out what this baseball-loving couple is cheering about. "My husband and I are huge Texas Rangers fans," says mom Kimber Koerner, who submitted this photo to Parents.com's America's Best Pregnancy Announcement Contest. "We were so excited to announce a new fan, our son, coming in 2012. Now that he's here, he's definitely a fan!"

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First and 9 Months


There's lots of holding in this photo of the Dougherty family, but there's no foul on the play. "We are big Philadelphia Eagles fans and we wanted to be fun and different," said Georgia Dougherty, who submitted this photo to Parents.com's America's Best Pregnancy Announcement Contest. "So we went down to a football field and shot this great shot."

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Field Day

Taylor Clarke

The goal of this photo is clear: "My husband and I are both soccer players—we met in high school on the field and still play—so it only made sense that our announcement captured 'us' as a family," said mom Taylor Clarke, who submitted this photo to Parents.com's America's Best Pregnancy Announcement Contest. "Our baby boy was born on New Year's Eve 2013 and we are actually expecting our second in July. I will be photoshopping this original to make a #4!"

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Tee Time

Tara Walker

If you're a family who loves the back nine as much as the Walkers, a golf-themed pregnancy announcement is a hole-in-one. "My husband and I have both golfed for most of our lives, and I worked in the golf industry for a few years," mom Tara said. "When it came time to announce our pregnancy, we didn't want it to be like everyone else's, and based on our love of the sport, using our favorite brand of golf balls seemed to be the best fit!" Baby Paisley was born in January 2014 and is now set to be a big sister to another golfer, due June 2016.

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Bend It Like Baby

Love & Laughter Photography

Inspired by the traditional pregnancy reveal photo of baby shoes next to mom's and dad's, the soccer-loving Bastien family kicked a sports theme into their announcement with a soccer ball and Dad's cleats. "Many of my husband's family members have been playing soccer for many years and one of our holiday traditions is to play a soccer game with the whole family around Christmas," mom Sophie said of why they had Love & Laughter Photography incorporate the theme into their photos. "It only seemed fitting for us to use our family sport to announce that a future soccer player was coming!" Baby Julia was born in September 2015.

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Draft Day

Brooke Heath

The Heath family has made its third-round draft pick! "My husband and I met at college where he played football and I was a cheerleader," said Brooke Heath, who submitted this photo to Parents.com's America's Best Pregnancy Announcement Contest. "After we married, we joked about how we wanted enough kids to have our own sports team. After two boys, this fall, we found out we were expecting number three. It seemed only right that we would stage our reveal picture with our family dressed as a football team—with players and coaches—at our local high school football stadium."

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Family Rivalry

Kelsey Austin

With Daddy as a New England Patriots fan and Mommy cheering for the Washington Redskins, football Sundays can be a tense day in the Austin household. "We chose to do a football-themed announcement because football is something we are both so passionate about," mom Kelsey said. "Seeing as we have two very different teams, we thought it would be funny to play into the competitiveness of it all!" Baby Declan was born in March 2015.

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Starting Five

Roseann Sicola

The final spot on the lineup has been set for the Sicola family in Watchung, New Jersey. "We have four boys and are adding a fifth child—a girl!—to our 'basketball team,'" said mom RoseAnn Sicola, who submitted this photo to Parents.com's America's Best Pregnancy Announcement Contest.

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Baby Powder

Sharisse DeLeon

If you love to hit the slopes like Sharisse DeLeon and her husband, you're bound to end up with a future snowboarder. "We both love many sports, but snowboarding is the one we share and have fun doing together," Sharisse said. "When we found out we were expecting, we wanted to create an announcement that was unique and also reflected something special to us." At the end of Sharisse's first trimester, the DeLeons shared their big news with one tiny pair of snowboots and a kid-size snowboard spelling out all the details. But, at week 18, they found out they needed to double their gear: They were having twins! Babies Adrian and Jeremiah were born in August 2013.

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