Playing Charades to Break the Baby News

Shawn and Beth used the annual Thanksgiving charades game to announce their pregnancy. Watch the family's hilarious reaction when they solve Beth's phrase.


[MUSIC] Hi we are the Greer's, I am Shawn. I am Beth. And we live here in Colorado Springs. We met in high school, doing the theater together. I was in the Air Force for 4 years before we got married. We got married in 2004. Yes. My mom was trying to be nice about asking whether or not we were going to have any children. You guys talking about starting a family any time soon? Oh I saw this cute outfit for a little girl. We talked about having kids. And we knew we. We just wanted to spend time as a couple. Yes. For awhile. When we found out we were pregnant we wanted to share with our family in a humorous or interesting way. Luckily we already had Thanksgiving planned back home with my parents and Sean's mom and stepdad coming down as well. So that was like oh, that's great, that's a great time to tell them. They'll all be there. So we wanted something creative. It's not just, hey, we're pregnant. Cuz that works and you get a good reaction, but you really wanna build it up and have something memorable. Well, I thought we usually always play charades when we're together. [UNKNOWN] [CROSSTALK]. Oh, we're gonna play charades and at the end of the charades instead of doing what's on the piece of paper, I'll announce that we're pregnant. That's pretty good. Song! Song! Song! [COUGH] Kebaba. Seven words. Seven words. Wow. Coke? It's a drink, wine? Coke? Can? Second word, please? You. Can you [MUSIC] See. Third word. Third word. Can you, sounds like horn, feet. [CROSSTALK] Can you keep a secret? They got caught up on a couple words. The we're. I remember taking a lot of time to get them to say we're. Six words. Six words, from two. Between you. Be. There was a lot of hand gestures and a lot of motioning and going. Mary, there's a lot of those. Couple. Couple? No. We. Can you keep, can you keep a, we've. We're. Oh. Can you keep a secret, we're pregnant. For baby or. Aah! [LAUGH] Really? Yeah. [LAUGH] Oh my god. This is, this is not the game anymore? [LAUGH] This is not the game anymore? No, it's not the game anymore. So this is for real? [CROSSTALK] Oh, that's great! My mom looked like she was possessed. And you can see her like, aah! Freak out and come out of the chair. Aah! [LAUGH] Your mom starts crying. This is not the game anymore! No, it's not the game anymore. [LAUGH] It's really you! Oh, this is for real? Yeah. Oh, that's great! It's not a game anymore! You know like, like, tearful, not happy at all it seemed like. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] Cut to now we have a over one year old daughter named Olivia, or Olive, which I like to call her. Family's very important to me. It was really nice to be able to kind of capture our telling them and their reaction and having this special moment together as a family. Someday we can show our daughter like, look how exciting it was. We were anticipating your birth. I'm looking forward to showing it to her someday and hopefully she enjoys it and laughs and finds it interesting and doesn't just roll her eyes at us and say, Oh my God, mom and dad you guys are just insane.

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