Our Favorite Pregnancy Announcements With Pets!

Dog Stars In Funny Baby Announcement Video
For many couples, "fur-babies" are their first glimpse into the world of parenting -- so these couples decided to let their pets announce their big news!

These Twins are Getting a Human!

"We are newlyweds and had our dogs in a gator basket with us for our wedding save the dates, so we thought it would be perfect to do the same thing for our pregnancy announcement :) they are our babies now so the sign seemed very fitting!" -- Tara, Winter Garden, FL

Time to Share the Throne

"Our pregnancy announcement features our emotional Basset Hound, Louise, or Weezy for short. She has been the 'baby' of our house for the past nine years. However, now that my husband and I are having our first human baby, Weezy is expressing her dislike of the whole idea, saying, 'My days as the cutest member of this household are numbered.' while looking regretfully at the picture of my eight week sonogram. We used this picture to announce our pregnancy on Facebook in September 2014. We are expecting our daughter in April 2015. With only a few months left, Weezy is still feeling a bit emotional about the whole baby thing, but she is slowly coming around." -- Elisabeth

No One's Getting Past This Pooch

"This one of our Fur Babies (Layla) helping us share the news of our first human baby! I wanted to do something different and I personally had not seen this before. We love our dog and wanted to make sure she was part of the news. We also wanted to share the fact we were having a little girl so hence the pink hard hat and construction vest." -- Ashra, Houston, TX

A Very Prudent Pup

"Our dog is like our child and I always knew I was going to do a pregnancy announcement with her, but I didn't want to do your typical, 'put dog in t-shirt that says Big Sister' so I decided to go with something a little different." -- Jessie, Hermosa Beach, CA

Preparation Is Key

"We've been training our first child (who happens to have four legs and drools quite a bit) how to help out with the new baby once he arrives! Well, not really, but we posed our dog doing training exercises for baby preparation for our announcement." -- Rachel

Someone's Promoted to Big Sibling

"My husband and I are shoe lovers so when we found out we were pregnant, we knew we had to start our babies shoe collection! We also incorporated our puppy who really does think he is the baby...his expression was priceless!" -- Rose, Fairfax, VA

Guard Dog Ready

"Our family is growing! We currently have 2 babies (our dogs!) so we of course wanted to incorporate them in announcing our addition -- a human baby!!! :) We could not be more thrilled!" -- Kimberly, Lakemoor, IL

Sharing is Caring

"Our mini dachshund, Hewitt, made the Christmas announcement for us. His sad expression is more from dislike of his reindeer-hooded sweater than sharing the wonderful news of being a big brother." -- Erica, Delphos, OH

Time to Read Up!

"Luna is a very popular member of our family & we found it fitting that she was the one to announce the upcoming arrival of our first baby!" -- Jami, Saint Germain, WI

Eric and Arlene told their families they had entered their Great Dane in a funny puppy video contest. Watch the reaction when their relatives discover it's really a baby announcement.

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