27 Christmas Baby Announcement Ideas

From baby bumps dressed in holiday lights to ugly-sweater parties, get inspired by these genius Christmas pregnancy announcement ideas submitted by happy parents-to-be.

elf on shelf pregnancy announcement
Photo: Dan McGinty
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A Hug & a Onesie

onesie pregnancy announcement

Okay, this is really sweet—and really clever. Jason Allen captured an overjoyed couple hugging with a "Santa's Little Helper" onesie peeking out. Is anything more precious—or more exciting—to moms-to-be than a teeny-tiny onesie?

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No More Hiding

holiday sign pregnancy announcement

A mama can only hide a pregnancy for so long, and this adorable sign from Etsy is perfect for when the "Christmas gift" is getting too big for baggy sweaters!

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Naughty Mommy & Daddy

naughty pregnancy announcement

Thankfully, this adorable soon-to-be big brother has no idea exactly why his mommy and daddy have been naughty! Still, we love this clever sign from Custom Printables NY.

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Winter Picnic

picnic pregnancy announcement

Photographer Alyssa Shrock captured this expecting couple in such a beautiful way—with a winter picnic for their Independence Day baby.

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Focus on Baby

focus on baby pregnancy announcement

Not only is this holiday baby announcement from Kristi Murphy adorable—it's so pretty. Love how Mom and Dad fade into the background while baby's front and center...which is exactly how it will be for the next 18 years!

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A Very Merry Adoption

holiday adoption announcement

Regardless of how you're welcoming a new life into your home, it's cause for a baby announcement. This sweet card, captured by Elizabeth Eden, shows how thrilled this happy couple is for their new addition. Beautiful!

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A Little Elf Help

elf on shelf pregnancy announcement
Dan McGinty

This hilarious pregnancy announcement, captured by Dan McGinty, uses everyone's favorite holiday helper—the Elf on the Shelf—perfectly.

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Celebrate with a Sonogram

christmas ultrasound
The Fifty One

If you're puffy, tired, and not exactly glowing, take a page from The Fifty-One, and throw a Santa hat on the ultrasound pic of your baby—or in this case, babies.

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Prize-Winning Ugly Sweaters

Irma Christmas Pregnancy Announcement
Courtesy of Irma

It's hard to make an Ugly Christmas Sweater party even more festive, but Las Vegas mom-to-be (and a finalist in our America's Best Pregnancy Announcement contest) Irma managed to do just that. Mid-fiesta, she and her partner decided to tell their friends they were going to be parents. For added flair, "we added battery operated flashing lights as well to make our news really sparkle!" she said.

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On Santa's List

Meghan Roberson/Life as Meghan

Blake and Meghan Roberson are so obsessed with all things Christmas, they even celebrate the holiday in July every year. So it was no surprise they chose a holiday theme to break their baby news to friends. During a trip to a tree farm, the fun-loving parents-to-be stood near some evergreens and held a sign that read, "We've been naughty!" They posted the photo sans caption to their social media accounts and were quickly inundated with notes of love and support from friends. "We followed it up with a due date photo to confirm their suspicions," Meghan explains.

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Light Bright

Christen Orbanus/Christen Hearts Pinterest

Photographer and blogger Christen Orbanus required just three ingredients to create her oh-so-perfect baby-themed holiday card: A gorgeous filter, a cool photo effect and, of course, a strand of colorful Christmas tree lights to wrap around her partner and her growing bump. Pinterest perfection!

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Christmas Card Surprise

Patricia Christmas Pregnancy Announcement
Courtesy of Patricia

"The 12-week mark fell right around Christmas...for us, a perfect time to announce to our friends and family that we were PREGNANT!!," Patricia, of Mount Vernon, N.Y., wrote when submitting this adorable Christmas card to our America's Best Pregnancy Announcement contest. "I asked our wedding photographer and good friend if he could do a photo shoot with my husband, myself and our two dogs for our Christmas card." The excited couple mailed the cards to their closest friends and family the week of Christmas, giving them an unforgettable gift that year.

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Colleen Christmas Pregnancy Announcement
Courtesy of Colleen

Sometimes, it pays to procrastinate. That's what mom Colleen of Byram, New Jersey, discovered when she missed the window to send friends and family this sweet holiday/pregnancy announcement card. So instead, she posted the happy news on Facebook. "[I] got the same reaction from everyone that I wanted!" she wrote—and saved herself a trip to the post office. Win-win!

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Naughty, Naughty

Danielle Christmas Pregnancy Announcement
Courtesy of Danielle

When you have two children under 2 1/2 years old in the house, you can count on two things: life is busy and someone is always getting into something. Danielle of Mechanicsburg, Pa., knows this all too well, saying that her "typical" toddlers are "always making messes and being 'naughty.'" But, she wrote when submitting this funny card to our America's Best Pregnancy Announcement contest, "they aren't the only naughty ones. How does that saying go? 'The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.' Hehe! We are adding one in June 2015!"

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Brandi Christmas Pregnancy Announcement
Courtesy of Brandi

Mom of two Brandi wasn't trying to expand her family, but she and her partner took the surprising news and ran with it. "Baby number three was an uh-oh, so we thought this was a fitting Christmas present for our families!"

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Extra Merry

Kate Christmas Pregnancy Announcement
Courtesy of Kate

We guess Santa was listening when these two cuties asked for a baby brother or sister! Naturally, mom Kate of Macedon, New York, shared the happy news with family and friends via this pin-worthy Christmas card.

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Featuring Big Bro

Marian Christmas Pregnancy Announcement
Courtesy of Marian

"When my fiancé and I found out I was pregnant with our second child, we could not wait to share the news with everyone," explains Marian of Windsor, Pa. The eager couple sat on their news for three long months, until they could get the family together on Christmas Eve. "After everyone had ate and opened presents, we handed everyone one last gift: a picture frame with this picture," she wrote in her entry to our America's Best Pregnancy Announcement contest. "Everyone opened their last gift at the same time. Gasps of 'Oh my god' and one 'I knew it!' filled the the silence. Having to wait three months was so difficult, but after seeing our family's reaction, it was totally worth it. And being able to include our 8-month-old son, Teddy, made this announcement unforgettable."

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Not One... Two!

Heather Christmas Pregnancy Announcement
Courtesy of Heather

Most preschoolers won't sit still long enough for a photo session, but then again, most of them aren't tasked with announcing their mom's pregnancy! Lancaster, Pa., mom Heather said her 3 1/2-year-old son was very excited to break the news that he'll be a brother of twins. "Since it's Christmastime, we thought it was perfect for a Christmas announcement," she wrote.

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Gimme a Real Baby!

Rachel Christmas Pregnancy Announcement
Courtesy of Rachel

Who needs a baby doll when mom is pregnant with a real-live baby? That was the theme of this hysterical pregnancy announcement Pittsburg mom Rachel sent out to family and friends.

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The Tell-Tale Sign

Katie Christmas Pregnancy Announcement
Courtesy of Katie

When she found out she was pregnant, mom-to-be Katie of Carrollton, Ga., let a sweet chalkboard sign do all the talking. She and her partner posted the Insta-worthy photo on Facebook along with a picture of them and the ultrasound. The caption? "Christmas came a little early for us this year..."

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Only Child Status: Revoked!

Amanda Christmas Pregnancy Announcement
Courtesy of Amanda

When you have a chance to include the guy in the big red suit in your pregnancy announcement, you'd better go for it. That's what mom Amanda of Clarksville, Tenn., did when she received the good news around the time she was scheduling her 11-month-old daughter's photo with Santa. "He broke the news to her about no longer being the only child, as you can see," she explained in her entry to our America's Best Pregnancy Announcement contest.

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Say It with Cake

holiday cake pregnancy announcement

What's better than a cake? A cake with baby news! Jenny Wenny combined two of life's greatest joys into one delicious pregnancy announcement for the holidays. Cheers all around!

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Sneaking a Peek

peek pregnancy announcement

This clever sign from Etsy is the perfect way to announce a second pregnancy around the holidays. Because as everybody knows, if there's one thing toddlers love doing, it's sneaking a peek at their Christmas gifts!

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Tickets to the Big Show

tickets pregnancy announcement

Is there any show bigger than a baby show? Get cute with your Christmastime pregnancy announcement by sending out these baby news theater tickets from Etsy. Gotta love that little green and red rattle.

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All I Want for Christmas

Angela Neese Rathbun/Blue I Style

Baby Beckett's wish list was pretty remarkable: a truck, some books, and a brand-new brother or sister. Luckily, his parents were able to deliver on all of them! Mom Angela Neese Rathbun of Blue I Style used the precious photo to break the baby news to extended family and friends. "It was so fun anticipating the reactions once we had dropped the cards in the mail, and a couple of days later the excited emails and phone calls started to roll in as the cards arrived in people's mailboxes," she says.

Baby Cooper "turned out to be the best gift that big brother Beckett has ever received. They're the best of friends!" Angela says.

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Put a Bow on It

kiss pregnancy announcement

This holiday pregnancy announcement from Emmy and Josh is basically as cute as it gets — and so easy to do!

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Doggone Cute

Sarah Johnston/Halfway to Hippy

The decision to announce their first pregnancy on a good old-fashioned holiday card was easy for Sarah and Matt Johnston. But even easier was deciding to include their pup Charlie, whom the couple affectionately call their "first baby." "A family photo just wouldn't have been complete without him in it," explains Sarah of Halfway to Hippy. "He was going to be a big brother after all."

Not surprisingly, the couple's adorable snail-mail announcement was a huge hit. "Within a day, our phones were ringing off the hook. Although our immediate family already knew, most people were genuinely shocked to find a pregnancy announcement in their mailbox," she says.

Their son was born in July 2012 and will be joined by a sister in April 2016.

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Christmas Gift Baby Announcement

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