Dog Stars In Funny Baby Announcement Video

Eric and Arlene told their families they had entered their Great Dane in a funny puppy video contest. Watch the reaction when their relatives discover it's really a baby announcement.


My name is Arlene Verala. And my name is Eric Yu. [MUSIC] Eric and I met at work, actually. I wasn't aware that he was trying to pursue me for a while. The first time I laid eyes on her I, you know what? It was love at first sight. I just thought he was really nice. Her laughter. Her personality. And I've always wanted a Mexican woman. [MUSIC] In our culture we love family. In my own family we have five siblings. The fact that they wanted to see another branch grow on our family tree I guess was really important for them. When we found out that we were pregnant, we definitely wanted to do something special for them. We told them that we were entering our dog in a contest to hopefully win some free training for him. They're thinking it's just gonna be a funny puppy contest video. [MUSIC] Stay. The challenging part was getting him to actually clean the house. No. The vacuuming part, I was actually on the top of the table, had peanut butter in my hand and going back and forth he was licking it. And then for the the broom part, we stuck a little hot dog. He loves little Oscar Meyer hot dogs. You'll put it in there so he'd actually take it to his couch. Oh, he's gonna fall. [LAUGH] Look, he's mad at you. Sh. No, Felipe. Sh. And after about two days of shooting we were able to accomplish it. My family came over and my parents, and my sister and her husband. We're sitting down, and I thought this is the perfect time to do it. It's just them, let's just do it. My brother just got done doing yard work. And my mom just gone done cooking. So, hey we got something to show you. [MUSIC] [LAUGH] They were laughing about it. All the little different scenes that they had. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] At the end of the video you see the ultrasound coming up. You're pregnant? Oh my God. [FOREIGN]. [LAUGH] Thank you. The reaction that my family had was priceless. We actually used YouTube to show our friends that were overseas. [LAUGH] Oh my god. Oh my God, my eyes are gettin' teary eyed. Aw, thank you. Sit. Come on sit. [BARK] Hey.

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