10 Adorable Twin Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Expecting twins? Make your pregnancy announcement double the fun! Borrow one (or, um, two) of these creative ideas from twin parents to share your own bigger-than-expected news.

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Two Peas in a Pod


After months of hoping to give their daughter a brother or sister, Keri and her husband were thrilled to find out they were expecting—and excited to create a memorable pregnancy announcement. "We decided to wait until the first trimester was behind us to announce the pregnancy so that provided me the time to figure out how to announce," says the Columbia Station, Ohio, mom. "Well, during that time, we also learned that I was carrying twins, so the idea came fairly easily to me. My daughter enjoyed holding the 'two peas in the pod' and my husband and I were so excited to finally share our news." Rather than posting the gorgeous image on Facebook or Instagram, the family placed the photo, which was one of our America's Best Pregnancy Announcement finalists, at the end of a stack of recent family vacation photos for relatives and friends to discover. So fun!

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You Do the Math


Dominique factored her husband and son into the equation when announcing her twin pregnancy. "Everyone thought we did the math wrong and couldn't believe we were having twins!" says the Dayton, Ohio, mom, who entered this algebraic image into Parents.com's America's Best Pregnancy Announcement Contest.

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Introducing Double the Trouble

Brittany/The Nest the Laws Built

After losing her first pregnancy, The Nest the Laws Built blogger Brittany Laws was sure to get to the doctor early on. At seven weeks, Brittany found out there was not only one baby, but two, and that they were identical! Without knowing the gender, but wanting to share their exciting news immediately, the couple bought two pint-sized pairs of bright red Toms and quickly spelled out the announcement for all.

"These two boys have lived up to our 'double trouble' phrase and have kept us on our toes since my pregnancy," adds the new mom.

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Big Brother's Big Message

Emily Foster Photography

Over three years ago, photographer Emily Foster got the chance to a capture a priceless message for two of her friends. After several cycles of IVF, the couple was excitedly pregnant with boy/girl twins—and their son Oskar was thrilled to make the big announcement for them. The classic black-and-white photo-strip design draws out the suspense and makes the news of two babies-to-be even more impactful.

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A Walk to Remember

Lindsay Teter

Arrows and Apricots blogger Chelsea never imagined that she and her husband Riley would have twins. "I was not on fertility medication, and twins do not run on either side of our family lines," she explained on her blog. "The doctor said it was less than one percent chance of this happening."

To announce the rare news, the couple hired photographer Lindsay Teter to take a collection of scenic shots, some featuring teeny-tiny onesies and ultrasound pictures. Our favorite shot is this sweet image of Chelsea and Riley holding hands while walking down a gorgeous country road with a giant gold number two-shaped balloon. Their journey as parents of twins has begun!

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If the Shoes Fit


Family and friends of mom-to-be Zoe and her husband probably considered buying stock in Converse after seeing how many pairs of Chucks the family would soon need. Like most expectant parents, the Sherman Oaks, California, couple wanted a cute, creative way to announce the 20 tiny toes soon to arrive in their life. "We spent the day at a park in our neighborhood with our two friends and just our iPhones, and this picture came out of it," Zoe says of the shoe-themed shot, which she entered into Parents.com's America's Best Pregnancy Announcement Contest. "We both love it, and we are so excited to meet these two babies!"

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Stack 'Em Up and Spell It Out

Heather Johnson/The Creative Stack

When Jenny and Chris found out they were expecting twins, they asked their friend Heather Johnson of The Creative Stack to take a series of photos for the announcement, including this pic of the couple holding wooden alphabet blocks together. "I loved the idea of holding the word 'twins' in both of our hands because it signified our love together and the wonderful little ones we created," Jenny says. "So many times you see announcements that just encompass the mom. It was important to me that my husband was included, too."

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Public Display of Emotions


"We had a lot of fun announcing our pregnancy and twins at eights weeks pregnant!" says Nicole of Virginia Beach, Virginia, who entered this photo collage into Parents.com's America's Best Pregnancy Announcement Contest. "The first picture shows our emotions of just how we felt, the second is the proud Big Sister and her baby brothers in the ultrasound picture, and last it shows how much our family is really going to grow! We posted the pictures on Facebook and watched all the comments of disbelief roll in!" From utter shock to total excitement, Nicole and her family perfectly convey how reactions to a twin pregnancy can be more than a little complicated.

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No Bones About It


When Rachel of Vienna, Virginia, and her husband found out they were expecting, there was no better time than Halloween to share their "terrifying" news: There was twice the magic brewing in her belly! The mom-to-be took to social media to spread the word with this photo, which was an entry in Parents.com's America's Best Pregnancy Announcement Contest. "We shared this picture of our two newest goblins on All Hallows' Eve with the caption, 'Trick or Treat?? The scariest costumes we have ever worn!'" Rachel said. "Our friends and family were shocked—as were we when we first found out!." (We also love Dad's awesome shirt.)

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Twice the Christmas Cheer

Cori/Hey Lets Make Stuff

After Cori and Ryan recovered from the shocking first ultrasound appointment when the doctor pointed out two babies in her growing belly, the excited couple decided to make their big announcement at Christmas with a photo showcasing two shiny wrapped gifts. "I love that they are born with a built-in playmate, that they will have a bond with each other that few people have," she wrote on her blog.

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