"Class Project" Hides A Baby Announcement

Damien and Aretha invited their families to watch a commercial Damien made for his photography class. Watch what happens when they learn it's a baby announcement.


[MUSIC] My name is Dameon Adams.>>My name is Aretha Adams.>>I met my wife at a adult game night. Where you have a bunch of the old school 1980s or before games. Uno, Connect>>Jinga>>Connect Four, Jinga. She came to the table with some lame, corny dude. And>> [LAUGH]. I just, I knew that he couldn't possibly be her boyfriend. I saw him and thought to myself, oh my gosh he's so handsome, why am I here with this guy? [LAUGH] We dated about six months and it didn't take me along time at all to decide that she was going to be my wife. [MUSIC] Aw [MUSIC] We tried for the first eight months of our marriage. And then month eight we found out we were pregnant. I was 38 at the time. I believe. 37. 37 so my mom's been waiting for a very long time. To have grandchildren. We knew we couldn't just tell our parents, hey I'm pregnant. It has to totally be ours. So we wanted to make it as special for them as well as for ourselves so we have some sort of video for our children. We brainstormed, then tried to come up with so many different scenarios that would be, you know, exciting for them and unexpected. I wanted to center it around a delivery. Of a special package. [MUSIC] They knew that I was in a photography class, so that was kind of the foundation for th surprise. Let's do something with photography because we wanted to get them in the same room to watch something. We're just like, hey, Damian had to do this final project and he's so proud of it. And he worked so hard, I want you guys to see it. So it took us about ten minutes to actually get them quiet. We sat down and had them watch it. Are you tired of waiting for your deliveries all day? Are you sick of the long lines? Are there people who do that? It could make you wanna scream. [UNKNOWN] In the ground to our grand opening in McKinney. We've [INAUDIBLE] time any time. We work seven days a week for you. [LAUGH] Our customer service reps are available 24 hours a day. Friends always choose us to deliver their precious cargo. [INAUDIBLE] [MUSIC] We went to UPS, FedEx. [LAUGH] Even the post office. They said they can deliver our package in January. but with this company we got our package in December. I think it sounded like a brother. That's great, honey. Why is it so important that these packages be delivered in December? Because we are. That's right. Pregnant. Oh, listen. Listen, listen. [CROSSTALK] It was crazy. My mom was so excited her ring flew off her finger and hit me in the head. Ack, right. Aah! [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] Once we said we were pregnant, we knew it would be screaming. Yeah. And jubilation, so we paused the video and said hey, you've gotta wait. You've gotta sit down. The video's not over. [CROSSTALK] We're sitting down. [MUSIC] But wait, family. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait, wait. That's not it. We're not just pregnant. We're pregnant with. Twins! It was like instant happiness. His mom was just like, I knew it, I knew it, I knew it. We were blessed with two beautiful little girls, Ava and Zoe. They're six months now. They are so sweet. I call them my sweet girls. It's a happy moment in your life. And to capture it on video and make it yours,. Make it original, get your family involved. It's something that you'll always remember. Not only is it something special for you and your family, but it's special for the babies. Because they're gonna see it. They're gonna see everybody's happiness to know that they were going to come into the world. [MUSIC]

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