Christmas Gift Baby Announcement

David gives Keri a Christmas gift to open in front of her family. Pandemonium ensues when they see the gift is really a baby announcement.


[MUSIC] Hi I'm David Daley. And I'm Carrie Daley, and we live in San Diego California. I got a random friend request on Facebook from this girl right here. I had no idea who she was and we had one mutual friend. So, when I looked at her friend request, all I saw was her profile pic, and I thought she was hot. [LAUGH] I was like, I don't know who you are but accept. We emailed for about two weeks. I flew out to Alabama to meet you, and I asked you to marry me seven days later. And we got married three months after that. And then three months after that. Later. We were pregnant. Shut up! He didn't weigh much. The honey moon stage was [FOREIGN]. [LAUGHTER]. I would not recommend this to any other couples as dating advice. [LAUGHTER]. It's definitely not the wisest approach, but it worked out really well for us. Us. After we found out we were pregnant, we were scheduling to fly back to Alabama to see Carrie's family. And so my wife was trying to conspire a, a creative way to get the news to them about our pregnancy. So I came up with this idea of David giving me a present, and then me opening it in front of my family. Alright we've got a sonogram picture, he's coming soon. I was overwhelmed with excitement because it's the first grandchild on my family's side. Alright, I have a surprise for Kerry. [NOISE] [APPLAUSE]. I have to, I have to give. He cannot wait. [LAUGH] I always have to give you these presents early cuz I hate waiting. [LAUGH] You can't wait till Christmas? I have to, I have to give it to you today. It's okay. All right. You have to open it in front of the fam. What did you do. Because. Was it expensive? [LAUGH]. It would, it, it, it's expensive. Ahh! [NOISE]. The reaction from the family was exactly what I had in. It took them about a half second to recognize what it was. And then they started jumping for joy, it was hilarious. My mom started by hitting the countertop and then hitting her face. And my younger sister Courtney was the one jumping up and down and just throwing her arms I'm not sure what that was but it was probably 20, 30 seconds before they ever got to me and actually hugged me. They were hugging each other. And then eventually she made her way over to me and she bent down and patting. Kissing your belly. Patting my stomach and kissing my stomach. It was a really sweet memory for us. And we were glad we were able to share it with Carrie's family. And it was just a fun way to tell our family that we were pregnant. [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] One. Two. Three. [LAUGH]. We have two kids. We have a four-year-old and a one-year-old. [INAUDIBLE] here. David. David. I just think it's so important to capture. Family memories on video because we love to look back on them years later and just remember, what our kids looked like, what we looked like. Yeah. And also for Leon later on to be able to show his children. And he actually likes watching it He loves, he watches it right now. now. He'll ask us to, if he can watch the video. He doesn't fully understand the concept but he gets that his family is all happy and excited about what's taking place. We are so happy that we made the video. It's an amazing experience for us to be able to look back and just relive that excitement that we all had when our first son. And came. [MUSIC]

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