Checklist: Fun Ways to Break the News!

It's almost time to spread the word -- here are some neat ways to let your loved ones know about the new addition.

___ Snap a picture of the positive pregnancy test with your cell phone camera and text it to your friends and family with a "Hi, Grandma!" or "Hi, Aunt Jenny" message.

___ Mail family and close friends a Save-the-Date card with your due date and the name of the hospital where you'll be delivering -- and let them figure out the rest. The phone calls you'll get? Priceless.

___ Call up your mom and try out the following dialogue: "So mom, I've got a question for you...Do you prefer being called grandma or grammy? You've got about six months to decide!"

___ Tell Mom you can't wait to show her your latest family or vacation pics, then slip a shot of your sonogram into the stack. Let her stumble on it as she flips.

___ If your gang of girls loves to speculate about who will be the next to have a baby, tell 'em you've got the latest dish. When they breathlessly ask who it is, say (exuberantly)...Me!

___ Meeting your sister or pals out for drinks and dinner? When it's time to order the cocktails, coyly smile and say "Oh, none for me thanks. Not good for the baby." Let the screams begin!

___ Start discussing upcoming vacations with your coworkers. After you hear all their plans, announce that you're going to be taking off three whole months. (Not that maternity leave is a restful getaway, of course.) Wait for their dumbfounded looks -- and then smile and explain why.

___ Tell your fashionista best friend that you're in desperate need of new clothes -- and plan to meet up for a shopping spree. Don't say anything about where you're going, but take her (surprise!) to a maternity store.

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