Baby Announcement Wrapped in a Surprise Gift

Ryan's family thought they had helped him prepare a gift to surprise wife Kasey with a trip to Italy. But when she opened the gift, it was the family who was surprised!


I'm Casey Klemann and this is my husband, Ryan Klemann. [MUSIC] And this is gonna be the first grandbaby on both sides. We knew we had to do something and I'd always wanted to go to Italy. That kinda fed into a good idea of trying to sell this idea that we'd be going and mask it. For the bigger surprise. Which would be the baby. [MUSIC] I was calling because I needed. I wanted to let you know of a little secret I have. I got a really cool gift for Casey. I, I need your help. It's a trip. To a really awesome location. I had called her mother first. And I talked to her and tried to tried to kind of bring her in on the story. We could do something funny. See, my mind starts thinking like, give her a couple of gifts, like one with a package of spaghetti in it. I tried to bring her in as a, as a participant to prank my wife, and then went to my mother. So, I've got a really cool surprise for Casey. Uh-huh. And I'd like to give the surprise to her during Thanksgiving. I was thinking about like getting a couple different items and putting it in the box, like all italian themed maybe. Mm-hm. We just needed to plant a couple of seeds and news would travel fast throughout the family. But it was a false seed. People would think their going to Italy but there was no airline tickets. We're just about to go over to grandma and grandpa's, or future grandma and grandpa's. And surprise everybody with our little surprise. And they're all buying our other story so they have no idea what's going on. Suckers. Yeah. Here we go. I have a very special gift for a very special someone. So sweetie, that's for you from me. It's your birthday and Christmas present from me. Wow, what is it? Lasagna? Lasagna. Lasagna. They knew it was coming out and it was just feeding in reenforcing what they thought was going to happen. So it really sold it for us. Italian seasoning. [LAUGH] Oh. Okay, go take the lasagna. I think I know what's going on. [CROSSTALK] I think I know by now. I do too. Is this what I think it is? I think so. [CROSSTALK] Go ahead, tell us what it is. What do you think it is? Does everybody know? No. A few people do. We're guessing! I don't know, you're- Do they know it's actually a surprise for them? Yay! Oh, my God! [APPLAUSE] Got ya. Oh my God. [LAUGH] Brian you little I want to talk to you. Tears just start flowing everyone's excited someone's shouting. Are you serious? [UNKNOWN] [APPLAUSE] I love it. They couldn't be happier. We had 4 generations of family members there, so it was quite special for me. My great grandma was there, my grandma, my mom and dad and the whole family, so it was really cool to see them and see their part in all of that. What are you crying about? I am so mad at you. Aw. Aw. I didn't take her. It was a great, great moment just to share with the family. It's really special. It's such a great memory he'll be able to look back on and share with Lila when she gets older. Can daddy have a kiss? Give dad a kiss?

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