Pregnancy Announcements

Time to share the news that you're pregnant! We've got tips on how to tell your partner and talk with your boss. Plus, check out our creative ways to share your baby news with friends and family.

Our Favorite Easter Pregnancy Announcements

Holidays are popular times to tell friends and family you're expecting, and Easter is no egg-ception! (Sorry -- we couldn't resist!) From sentimental to hilarious, these pregnancy announcements are all about eggs, bunnies and, of course, babies.

Gender Reveal Ideas: 10 Cute Ways Expectant Couples Shared the News

From sweet treats to wild antics, see the unique gender reveal ideas these parents-to-be came up with to share whether they were having a boy or a girl.

Going Public with Your Pregnancy

What to do when your friends hear about your pregnancy through the grapevine.

The Cutest Ways to Announce Baby #3, #4, or More!

Just because you've already had one or two (or more) babies doesn't mean your latest addition shouldn't get a special announcement. Check out these cute ways big families announced they were getting even bigger.

Best Ways to Break the News You're Pregnant

Forget about a phone call -- these real mamas came up with creative ways to reveal their pregnancies.

Celebrity Gender Reveals: How Stars Shared the Boy or Girl News

From spilling the beans on TV to clever social media posts to big reveal parties, see the fun ways celebs shared whether they were having a boy or a girl.

Fun Ways to Tell Your Husband You Are Pregnant

These moms chose touching and wacky ways to tell their husbands about their new pregnancy.

Pregnancy Etiquette Guide

From letting your boss know you're expecting to asking people to stop touching your belly, here's how to handle sticky situations with style.

Baby Announcement Wrapped in a Surprise Gift

Ryan's family thought they had helped him prepare a gift to surprise wife Kasey with a trip to Italy. But when she opened the gift, it was the family who was surprised!

Playing Charades to Break the Baby News

Shawn and Beth used the annual Thanksgiving charades game to announce their pregnancy. Watch the family's hilarious reaction when they solve Beth's phrase.

Dog Stars In Funny Baby Announcement Video

Eric and Arlene told their families they had entered their Great Dane in a funny puppy video contest. Watch the reaction when their relatives discover it's really a baby announcement.

Katherine Heigl Is Expecting Baby #3!

The new addition will be a little sibling to Heigl's two adopted daughters.

11 Winning Sports-Themed Pregnancy Announcements

Check out how these football fans, baseball buffs, golf enthusiasts, and other sports junkies announced the news about future recruits to their teams.

America's Best Pregnancy Announcement Contest: The Finalists!

We poured over more than 1,000 adorable entries to find 16 aww-inspiring finalists for our first-ever America's Best Pregnancy Announcement Contest. Which one is your favorite?!

10 Cute Ways to Announce Your Twin Pregnancy

Expecting twins? Make your pregnancy announcement double the fun! Borrow one (or, um, two) of these creative ideas from twin parents to share your own bigger-than-expected news.

Our Favorite Pregnancy Announcements With Pets!

For many couples, "fur-babies" are their first glimpse into the world of parenting -- so these couples decided to let their pets announce their big news!

Celebrity Pregnancy Announcements: How Stars Shared the News!

Sure, some stars announce they're expecting on big stages--but others share the thrilling news just like we do. See the full range of sweet reveal ideas!

Our Favorite Halloween Pregnancy Announcements

Forget the tricks--this Halloween, treat your friends and family to the news that your baby is on the way. Check out the spooktacular ways these 13 parents-to-be shared their pregnancy announcements.

Pregnancy Belly Stickers

Track your pregnancy every week (or month) of the way with these cute, free pregnancy belly stickers. Download them now!

Managing the Meddlers

Now that you're pregnant, everyone's got a helpful hint -- or two or three. Here's how to figure out when to listen and when to trust your own instincts.

7 People Who Will Guess You're Pregnant Before You Tell Them

Your pregnancy reveal might not be a surprise to people who know you well. These seven people will probably guess you're expecting before you break the news!

Grandma's Priceless Reaction To Baby Announcement

Jim's mom had been hoping for a grandchild for a long time. Watch her priceless reaction when she hears the good news.

Wait 12 Weeks to Announce You're Preggers? Why This Mom Blogger Said No

Convention may say to wait 12 weeks to reveal you're pregnant, but The Young Mummy's Sophie Cachia explains why she didn't want to.

NO ONE is Happier About a Pregnancy Announcement Than This Lady

It's pretty safe to assume this woman is excited her daughter is pregnant... I think.