Q: I plan on quitting my job and staying home after I have my son. How far in advance should I tell my boss that I'm not coming back?

A: Many women decide not to return to work after having children.  There are no clear cut rules on when to tell your employer . However, the more time you can give your employer to find an ample replacement, the better.  In addition, you may need their help in completing paperwork for either state disability or company disability.  It's also a good idea to check with human resources to see what your options are prior to quitting.  Remember, some companies will allow you to take long periods of unpaid leave (under the family medical leave act, FMLA), which may be something to consider when you do want to return to the work place.  For more information, go to the websites of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (eeoc.gov/types/pregnancy.html) or the U.S. Department of Labor (dol.gov/esa/whd/fmla).

Answered by Dr. Michele Hakakha



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