Want to take a photo with your baby before he or she is even born? There's a way to do it now, and mamas are jumping on the bandwagon.

Milk bath shots, bump timelapses, live-action videos—we've seen plenty of trends where pregnancy commemoration is concerned. But here's one that won't require an elaborate set-up, a professional photographer or a picturesque backdrop. 

Actually, all you'll need is yourself, a smartphone, and the PicsArt app, which allows mamas to overlay images of what their babies might look like over their bumps. The mamas can beautify the images with colors, effects and more editing tools included in the app.

Users are hashtagging their photos with #babyinbelly, and we're loving them. It's an amazing way to show the world what your baby looks like growing in your belly.

Want to see what other mamas have created? Some of the coolest shots appear below. You can DIY with this app!