New Moms Speak Out on Unusual Pregnancy Dreams

"I dreamed that I gave birth to my cat, Clover."

Having weird sex dreams now that you're pregnant? Here's why.

What's the weirdest pregnancy dream you ever had?

"I'm seven months pregnant, and my intense cravings have begun to inspire bizarre dreams. The strangest one was when I dreamed of dancing chicken tacos calling for me to eat them, followed by a couple of chocolate-covered bananas dressed in tuxedos. Bewildered, I woke up, went into the kitchen, and helped myself to both."--Amber Sollars, Fort Lewis, WA

"During my pregnancy, I had weird sex dreams. I never knew who I'd end up in bed with. Early one morning, I woke up in a panic, screaming, 'Oh, no! Not our neighbor!' Amused by the dramatics, my husband looked over and said 'Who did you sleep with now, dear?'"--Janice Waite, City withheld

"One night I had a dream that I gave birth to a tiny tomato. It had the body of a human, but with green skin and its eyes were closed. I took the creature and placed it in the dirt, giving it a leaf for a blanket. Ironically, our daughter, now a toddler, could live on tomatoes and nothing else!"--April Eick, New Lenox, IL

"During my fifth month of pregnancy, I dreamed that I gave birth to my cat, Clover. While I was mildly disappointed not to have the human baby I had always hoped for, I loved Clover nonetheless. Unfortunately, I couldn't seem to get her to latch on correctly while breastfeeding, and her sandpaper tongue caused me great pain."--Bree Norlander, Redmond, WA

"My husband is a hairy man. While I was pregnant with our son, I had a dream that our baby was born with a lot of hair. The nurse came to me and said, 'I'm sorry to be the one to tell you, but your baby is so hairy that we're afraid he's a gorilla, and we're taking him to the zoo.' Ironically, my little one was born three months later with his little ears and back covered in his father's light brown hair. Fortunately, it all fell out a few weeks later."--Elizabeth McNeil, Charleston, SC

"The strangest pregnancy dream I ever had involved Kermit the Frog. Kermit and I had just gotten married and were on our honeymoon in Paris when he suddenly stopped breathing during dinner. Terrified that he would choke to death, I panicked and began performing CPR. Thanks to my heroics, he pulled through just fine."--Colleen Field, Syracuse, NY

"In my sixth month of pregnancy, I began getting anxious about breastfeeding. One night I dreamed that I was trying to nurse my baby when she suddenly turned into a grown woman. She squirmed out of my arms and yelled, 'This isn't working and I am hungry!' She quickly grabbed a gallon of milk and guzzled it down. I awoke horrified!"--Christy Johnson, Scottsdale, AZ

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