Your Partner's Labor and Delivery Checklist

Your partner will stay calmer and more focused if he knows exactly what he should do during labor and delivery. Develop a checklist together pre-baby.

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Your partner may become even more rattled than you do once labor begins, so it's helpful to have a labor and delivery checklist ready for the Big Day. Consider putting copies of this checklist in your hospital bag and in his wallet; you might want to tape one to the fridge too. Here are some items you may want to include:

    • When to call your provider (when contractions are no more than 5 minutes apart, last at least a minute, and have been regular for an hour)
    • Names and numbers for babysitters, house sitters, and pet sitters
    • What to do in the house before you leave (shut off appliances, lock doors)
    • Map to the hospital
    • Instructions for parking at the hospital
    • Instructions for where to go once you arrive at the hospital
    • Name and number of doula, labor coach, or anyone else attending delivery
    • Name and number of person to contact at work if you're not on maternity leave yet
    • Cell phones and chargers
    • Your hospital bag
    • His hospital bag
    • Your baby's bag
    • Infant car seat
    • Camera and film
    • Phone numbers of people to call when the baby arrives

      Originally published in You & Your Baby: Pregnancy.

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