Whether it is a newfound passion for romance and intimacy with your partner or a sudden aversion to touching anything that moves -- pregnancy tends to change your feelings about sex. Find out why.

As with so many other things during pregnancy, you can thank (or blame) your hormones for your changing interest in sex. For some women, pregnancy brings out a newfound sensuality and heightened interest in lovemaking. They may delight in their increased cleavage and feel more connected to their bodies as life grows inside them. For other women it's the exact opposite. Pregnancy makes them feel awkward and clumsy, and they may have far more desire for an extra hour of sleep than a romp in the hay. Some women feel sensual one day and distant the next as their hormone levels bounce up and down.

All these responses are normal. If you have no interest in sex, be patient. It will probably get better in the 2nd trimester, when you're less tired and feel better. If your libido has increased, take advantage of it while you can. You'll have to abstain for six weeks after delivery, and finding time for sex can be a challenge when you have a new infant in the house.

Originally published in You & Your Baby: Pregnancy.

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