Pregnancy Sex Tips: What's Up With Your Sex Drive?

Has your sex drive been a bit wacky? Here's why.


During pregnancy, your sex drive may be up, down, or all over the place. I'm Dr. Logan Levkoff, and I'm gonna tell you what's to blame for all of the changes in your sex drive during pregnancy. Pregnancy hormones affect just about everything in our bodies, from our libido to our mood, self-esteem and exhaustion in general. It is completely normal for you to be totally sex-craze during this time or totally uninterested in any type of intimacy, but here is the thing. It's important to keep up some type of physical intimacy as long as your doctor doesn't say not to. Your partner is not a roommate. Sex, and more importantly pleasure, is important in a relationship, but redefine sex. Lots of behaviors are intimate. So, if you're completely opposed to intercourse, well, that's okay, but remind yourself that intimacy is important, and here is why. In addition to having to wait at least 6 weeks after delivery to have sex, your life is going to change. You're gonna be up all day and night taking care of another person. It is really easy for sex to fall by the wayside, and it's really easy for your partner to feel like he or she is unimportant or unnecessary. Don't let them feel that way. It can make things far more challenging, and you know what? Pleasure is important for you, too.

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