Pregnancy Sex Tips: Fun Sex in Your First Trimester

Will sex be any different now that you're pregnant? Find out how to keep your sex life fun.


When it comes to sex during the first trimester, you never really know what you're gonna get. I'm Dr. Logan Levkoff, and this is what you should know about sex during the first three months. During both of my pregnancies, I was so nauseated that I couldn't even get out the front door, let alone get naked and ready for sex. If you're like me and feeling completely out of sorts, sex, especially giving your partner oral sex, is probably not gonna happen right now. In other cases, some pregnant women are highly aroused in the first trimester. Everything feels more sensitive, breasts and nipples and all that blood flow to the genitals can really rev your libido. But regardless of how high or low your sex drive is, there are lots of ways to enjoy intimacy, and pleasure is pleasure. It doesn't make a difference whether it comes from oral, anal, vaginal sex, or the good old hand job.

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