Love and Pregnancy: 10 Fun Date Ideas for Pregnant Moms and Partners

Just because a bottle of bubbly isn't on the menu doesn't mean you can't whip up some romance!

That bun won't be in the oven forever. Take advantage of the alone time you've got left with one of these creative date ideas.

1. Picnic under the stars. Download an app, like StarTracker or Sky Walk, to help you identify constellations. Then, pack some snacks and a blanket, and head out past the city limits to an area with open sky.

2. Hang your love over the sofa. An idea for adventurous couples: Pick up a Love Is Art kit (, which contains special body paints and a large canvas, disrobe, and get expressive! The resulting abstract painting will look modern -- and, hey, no one has to know you did it in the nude.

3. Take a hike. A slow-paced walk in nature improves circulation and eases stress. Make it more romantic by choosing a route with great lookout points -- they're perfect for taking breaks and stealing kisses!

4. Play a round of mini-golf... Or hit the driving range with your honey. You'll both get a kick out of how your bump affects your swing.

5. Do a root beer tasting. Pick up a can of your favorite brand and find unique new ones at specialty markets that sell single bottles of small batch sodas, like Whole Foods. See if you can identify the subtle flavor differences!

6. Have a media-free moment. When was the last time you and your partner had a quiet conversation? Hide the smart phones and tablets; turn off the TV, and just talk. Here's a topic to get you started: Name something you're looking forward to teaching your baby.

7. Book a couple's massage. Carrying around extra weight, tying up loose ends at work, feeling anxious about giving birth -- you're under a lot of stress right now, and chances are your partner is feeling it, too. Make an appointment for some much need relaxation and say, spa-ah!

8. Go out just for dessert. Get dressed up, have your main meal at home, then head to a fancy spot for something sweet. It will still feel like a full night out, and the bill won't eat into your future diaper budget.

9. Shopping and dinner -- al fresco! Hit your local open-air farmers' market for a basket of the freshest produce possible. Then whip up something delicious for dinner at home and dine in the backyard. Visit to find a farmers' market near you.

10. Catch a live show. Check out a dramatic production at your community theater or laugh yourself silly at the local comedy club. You'll be amazed at how talented your neighbors are!

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