14 Fun Date Ideas for Pregnant Couples

Just because a bottle of bubbly isn't on the menu doesn't mean you can't whip up some romance! Here are some fun activities for pregnant couples. 

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Having a baby is an exciting, meaningful, and inevitably life-changing experience for couples. That bun won't be in the oven forever, so take advantage of the alone time you've got left with a date night. Looking for some fun activities for pregnant couples? From massages to movie nights, staycations to mocktails, we rounded up 14 fun date ideas that can help kindle romance and strengthen any relationship.

1. Picnic Under the Stars

Nothing says romance like some snacks and a shared blanket. Download a free stargazing app like SkyView Lite to help identify constellations and stars, then head past the city limits to an area with dark, open sky.

2. Take a Hike

A slow-paced walk in nature can improve circulation and ease stress. Make it more romantic by choosing a route with great lookout points—they're perfect for taking breaks (and stealing a kiss)

3. Try Golfing

Whether it's hitting the driving range or playing a round of mini-golf, both partners will be sure to get a kick out of how the baby bump affects your swing.

4. Taste Mocktails or Root Beers

Alcohol may be off limits for a few long months, but that doesn't mean you can't imbibe in spirit. Non-alcoholic drinks have come a long way, with many shops that exclusively sell these options. Some, like Boisson, which has locations throughout New York City and Los Angeles, do tasting events. Couples can also plan a DIY version by heading to a specialty store like Whole Foods and picking up their favorite brand of small batch sodas to see if they can identify the subtle flavor differences.

5. Have a Media-Free Moment

Quiet conversations are hard to come by, and that will only become more true after the baby comes. For now, try hiding the smart phones and tablets, turn off the TV, and just talk. You can make it as deep or lighthearted as you want. Try talking about your day, your favorite childhood memories, or even something you're looking forward to teaching your baby.

6. Book a Couple's Massage

Pregnancy can be stressful—from tying up loose ends at work to feeling anxious about giving birth, and even just carrying around all that extra weight. And chances are your partner is feeling it, too. Make an appointment for some much-needed relaxation and lean into the pre-baby bliss.

7. Go Out for Dessert

Fancy dinners are great, but nothing says indulgence like a decadent dessert. Have your main meal at home, then get dressed up and head to a fancy spot for something sweet. It will still feel like a big night out, but the bill won't eat into your future diaper budget.

8. Buy Dinner Ingredients at a Farmer's Market

Pick up some fresh and seasonal produce at your local farmers' market before heading home to whip up something delicious for dinner. If it's warm out, take your delectable creation outside and dine in the backyard, al fresco. Visit LocalHarvest.org to find a farmers' market near you.

9. Catch a Live Show

You don't have to go far to enjoy live theater. Check out a dramatic production at your community theater or laugh yourself silly at a local comedy club. You'll be amazed at how talented your neighbors are!

10. Go to the Movies

Dinner and a movie is just about the most classic date idea in history, but having a baby will definitely make it more complicated. Head out to see the latest flick with a bucket of popcorn and a bag of M&M's for some good old-fashioned fun.

11. Plan a Staycation

Travel is certainly possible when pregnant, but comes with its own complications. Indulge in a night or weekend-long stay at a fancy hotel without having to go far for the ultimate (local) babymoon. Try out the spa, check out a bucket list restaurant, or just spend the whole time in bed.

12. Listen to Live Music

Loud noises and babies don't really mix, so take advantage of being baby-free for a little while longer with a concert. Choose an event that suits your personal taste, whether it's your favorite singer at a sold-out arena or a soothing jazz band at a local venue.

13. Enroll in a Class

It's never too late to learn something new, and one of the best ways to do that is by taking a class. From dance classes to art, cooking, and more, there are endless things to learn together.

14. Host a Game Night

Simply hanging at home can be a great way to spend quality time with your partner, and playing board games will enrich the experience. Challenge your partner to a competitive game of Scrabble, or show off your flirty side with a round of "Never Have I Ever."

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